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Solve BYOD Pains by Getting to the Business

From the experts | Posted on April 5, 2013 by Richard Carson

BYOD embodies many requirements that stretch outside the traditional realm of IT including change management, policy development and program delivery. We recognize there’s a disconnect between business and IT as it relates to BYOD – and this is what we’re doing to help our clients navigate with the launch of the Softchoice Innovation Office.

The Business Is Seeking Outcomes

BYOD has landed in the corporate backyard. It might have been launched by a request at the executive boardroom, or a new mobile workforce enablement strategy. It may be the influence of Gen-Y’ers entering the workforce brandishing their favorite mobile device, and insisting on keeping it.

Attract the best talent. Increase sales and marketing productivity. Improve the end-user computing experience. These are the demands that are impacting your business. And they’re all core to a solid BYOD strategy.

BYOD survey

Why IT struggles with BYOD

After a quick look at your existing arsenal of IT tools, and weaponry and you may find gaps between technology and business strategy. Point technology may exist for certain BYOD circumstances, but how will the solutions align to the current and future organizational goals?

Now is the opportunity for IT leadership to take a progressive stance towards adopting BYOD and delivering a technical foundation that can support new strategies.

In many cases, hundreds of complex decisions paralyze IT leaders from taking a proactive stance on BYOD – some streaching far beyond the realm of traditional IT service porfolios. Most react to the immediate demands of the business related to BYOD, due in part to IT’s lack of bandwidth, staff or capacity to collect the right data, define and implement a well-rounded BYOD strategy.

Technology alone won’t plug the holes. To accelerate BYOD Outcomes, IT must implement a holistic, Architectural, Policy & Change Management Program. That’s why Softchoice’s newly formed Innovation Office is engaging customers throughout North America in a new way.

An Innovation-Centered Approach to BYOD

Softchoice has launched an North American Innovation Office focused on co-creating services that address BYOD and other major IT trends hand-in-hand with our clients. We’re bringing together forward-thinking leaders to learn, debate and exchange ideas on how to capitalize and realize returns on upcoming trends related to business strategies like BYOD.

Want to get involved?

We’re looking for progressive leaders in a variety of industries to participate with us in the development of our next generation Alpha and Beta programs related to trends impacting their business. Client participation is limited to 10 Alpha Customers per new service. By participating, you’ll receive exclusive access to our unique Innovation Executive Forums and introductory co-development pricing.

If you’d like to learn more about how your organization could partner with Softchoice, please contact us at

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