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SQL EAP Licensing changes now in effect (long term benefits still remain)

Microsoft | Posted on April 26, 2012 by Luke Black


Customers who Signed By to April 1st Saw Advantages in EAP Agreement Terms

In a recent survey conducted by Softchoice in March, nearly 70% of customers surveyed had either never heard of an EAP Agreement (Enrollment Application Platform Agreement) or expressed specific interest in learning more. Surprisingly, only 15% of customers were currently leveraging EAP advantages in their organization.

As of April 1st, significant changes took effect with regards to the minimum number of processors required for an initial EAP and not everyone took advantage.

Prior to April 1st, Microsoft outlined a 6 processor requirement to enroll in an EAP and after April 1st, the new EAP requires a 50 core minimum (12.5 processors at an average of 4 cores per processor). This change effectively doubles the amount of processors running SQL needed to get into the enrollment.

If your organization was one of the many who took advantage of an EAP before the licensing changes of SQL 2012 took effect on April 1st, well done!  The decision will yield benefits for years to come.  But what if you didn’t act in time?  SQL 2012 packs many reasons why customers should look to switch or upgrade.  The EAP is still the best purchasing vehicle for customer running SQL and should be investigated in most circumstances.

Although we’ve outlined the benefits of an EAP several times with content provided in our SQL 2012 Licensing Field Guide and via our blog in postings like this, here’s a quick recap on how working with an EAP through Softchoice can help you navigate the SQL licensing waters.

What is it?

The Microsoft Enrollment Application Platform is extension of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) and is a set of integrated tools and technologies that support innovation by helping you maximize the value of your existing applications..

In short, EAP customers can manage their application platform server investments from a single enrollment and benefit from:

  • Standardization made affordable
  • Rapid adoption of the latest technology
  • A flexible purchasing model

EAP offers pricing, licensing & latest version benefits for customers standardizing on Microsoft Application Platform products, primarily SQL Server.

Who should consider it?

The Enterprise Enrollment is appropriate for your organization if you have more than 250 PCs, devices and/or users and want to license software and cloud services for your organization for a minimum, three-year period. EAP is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) enrollment for customers that want to simplify licensing, help reduce costs, and manage their core infrastructure more efficiently (especially if you either currently have or are planning to implement SQL 2012).

How do I know if its right for me?

Work with Softchoice’s skilled team of technical architects and licensing experts to help determine if an EAP is right for you. Reach out to our sales team today to investigate our assessment options including our SQL TechCheck.

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