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Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS): Coming Soon To An EA Near You

Microsoft | Posted on November 5, 2014 by Matthew Denning

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a push from Microsoft around the subscription-based product lines of Office 365, CRM Online and Azure. Along with these hosted application server offerings and subscription-based licensing options for the Office Pro Plus productivity suite, Microsoft is making its next major strategic move into solving mobility challenges for its customers.

On December 1st, 2014, Microsoft will begin offering its enterprise level customers a new user-based licensing option for desktop OS (Windows 7 & 8) clients. This is a major change from Microsoft’s “device only” licensing model currently available. A new volume licensing option called Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) has been created, and will include Office 365 Plan E3, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and the new desktop OS user-based licensing.

There will be add-on licensing models for existing Enterprise Agreement customers and a new User Subscription Licensing (USL) option for new Enterprise Agreement level customers.

What Enterprise Cloud Suite USL looks like:

ECS Product Breakdown

Enterprise Cloud Suite is a licensing model designed to solve common problems

  1. BYOD – All of the user’s devices will be covered through the user-based software assurance for Windows. This is explained within the Microsoft ECS “At A Glance” downloadable guide.  A couple of points to mention:
    1. Users’ primary work PC needs to be running a qualified operating System (Pro level OEM OS license)
    2. Devices running iOS and Android will be covered
  2. Simplified licensing management – Allowing customers to just count up the user’s primary PC instead of counting every single device.
  3. Simplicity around VDI environments – One of the greatest challenges with enabling BYOD and VDI has been the licensing required for all of the various devices and configurations one could use to access Windows operating systems, (VDA, CSL, Windows SA). The Windows “Per User” license looks to solve these challenges with one simple license.

Per User

Softchoice is ready to help

To get you started, this Microsoft PDF is very helpful at understanding the basics.

Softchoice is uniquely positioned to help your organization review these licensing changes and take advantage of funding available from Microsoft to help you successfully implement the Enterprise Mobility Suite. Please contact your dedicated Softchoice Account Manager to set-up a call with one of our Microsoft Solution Sales Specialists.

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