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Microsoft Office for iPad has arrived. Now what?

Microsoft | Posted on April 9, 2014 by Matt Zito

Four years since the release of the first iPad, and after months of speculation, Microsoft finally announced the release of Office 365 for iPad. Until now, many organizations have been wondering how to use Office features on the iPad, and more importantly how to add the licenses to your current or future agreement. And that’s what this post covers.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are now free applications available for download through the Apple iTunes Store.

These feature rich versions offer the same look and feel as traditional Office – now with a full touch experience. While viewing Word and Excel docs or presenting PowerPoint slides come with the free versions, each user who wants to create and edit documents requires an Office 365 subscription.

About Office 365 subscriptions
Office 365 subscriptions are user-based licenses that allow an install of Office on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 iOS or Android smartphones. For a nominal monthly cost, a user could access their work content on 15 unique devices.

Imagine starting an Excel document while at work and then picking up exactly where you left off on your iPad when you returned home that evening. Utilizing Microsoft OneDrive, this is a reality. Once your organization is licensed appropriately for Office 365 and the user is ready to install it on their iPad, the user will need to download the Apps from the Apple Store and then enable the full features through their O365 login credentials.

How to enable Microsoft Office for iPad

Below are some of the options you have to enable full functionality of Office for iPad, based on common agreement types:

1. Enterprise Agreement without Office 365 or Office Pro Plus

  • Make the full transition to the cloud. Through an Enterprise-wide commitment, an Office 365 E3, E4, or Office 365 Pro Plus User Subscription License (USL) can be added to your agreement for all user who needs to enable Office & Office for the iPad
  • With a full migration, transitions from a CAL Suite (Core or Enterprise) to the Bridge CAL will occur if your organization has made the Enterprise commitment to that technology suite
  • If an enterprise wide commitment for Office does not fit your organization, other licensing vehicles will be explained below

2. Enterprise Agreement with CAL Suite (Core or Enterprise) & Office Pro Plus

  • Beyond adding the full User Subscription License (USL), Microsoft has introduced the O365 E3 or E4 “Add-On” SKU
  • This SKU does not require an Enterprise wide commitment and does not require any revisions to your current licensing scheme. You would continue the commitment to your current Enterprise Products and simply license the required number of users with the appropriate E3 or E4 Add-on licenses
  • Updated Customer Price Sheets also may include future pricing for Office 365 or Office 365 Transition SKUs. This should be evaluated during your decision making process as well
  • As stated above Transition licensing may be included on your CPS. If you are paying Office SA only, you are eligible to transition to Office 365 Pro Plus without cost in your transition year, but note that your annual payment cost for Office SA will switch to the Office 365 Pro Plus at your next anniversary.


  • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement is a new licensing vehicle that facilitates a quick and easy migration to the cloud
  • With a minimum commitment of 250 Online Service licenses, you can get your organization cloud ready
  • No Current Microsoft Agreement
  • No problem, Softchoice will help evaluate the best licensing vehicle that works best for your organization
  • You also have the ability to purchase directly through the #Microsoft Online Service Portal# (MOSP)

Softchoice is happy to help find the best option for your organization. Contact me for a review specific to your organization.

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