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The New Year and 2018 SPLA Price Changes from Microsoft

Microsoft | Posted on October 3, 2017 by Aleks Hara

2018 SPLA Price Changes from Microsoft explained

As we enter the final Quarter of 2017 we are all focused on finishing the year strong but it’s also an important time to plan for 2018. While Microsoft has some great things in store, this article is unfortunately about a SPLA price hike they have planned for January 1st, 2018, and another one on January 1st, 2019.

To help you plan for this change and minimize the impact, we have put together a list of actionable items.

1. Change your reporting from Processor to Core

If you’re currently reporting Windows Server by Processor (applicable only to 2012 and older versions, and only if your SPLA term started or renewed before October 1, 2016), now is a good time to change to the Core SKU. Microsoft is specifically raising the price of Processor SKUs for 2018.

2. Use CIS SKUs if reporting both WinServ and SysCen

If you currently report Windows Server and System Center separately, you can simply report the Core Infrastructure Suite and get them both for a savings of up to 20%.

3. Ensure compliance to avoid audits

Are you counting all the users that have access to your hosted Microsoft environment? Are you reporting your monthly usage to Softchoice by the 10th of each month? As we all know, audits can be a costly business and Microsoft has forecasted to increase their frequency in 2018.

Our recommendation is to schedule a call with your Softchoice Account Manager and the SPLA Team to go over any immediate questions or future plans.

Why is Microsoft Increasing Prices on SPLA?

With significant investments in Research & Development, Microsoft continues to deliver cloud-ready innovations across its infrastructure products. These product enhancements are being delivered at a faster pace so partners and customers can take advantage of the new capabilities and innovations. Additionally, Microsoft has kept SPLA pricing consistent for 24+ months for its infrastructure product offerings. Considering this, Microsoft is increasing the prices of certain infrastructure product offerings as detailed below.

2018 SPLA Price Increases

Effective January 1, 2018 these are the approximate increases expected:

10 to 15% on the following items:

  • Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL 6WC-00002
  • Windows Server Standard and Datacenter (Processor) P73-04837, P71-01031
  • Windows Server Essentials (Processor) G3S-00566
  • Core Infrastructure Server Suite Standard and Datacenter (Processor) YJD-00007, FUD-00009
  • SQL Server Standard, Enterprise, and Web edition 7NQ-00302, 7JQ-00341, TFA-00523
  • SQL Server Standard SAL 228-05018

Effective January 1, 2019 these are the approximate increases expected:

10 to 15% on the following items:

  • Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL 6WC-00002
  • Windows Server Standard and Datacenter Core 9EM-00562, 9EA-00039

5 to 10% on the following items:

  • Core Infrastructure Server Suite Standard and Datacenter Core 9GA-00006, 9GS-00495

Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like more information and assistance about compliancy or moving to Cores.


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