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Project and Visio: SAme Friends, New benefits!

Microsoft | Posted on November 9, 2016 by Arun Kirupananthan

The cloud has never looked so good

Microsoft Project and Visio are two products that are never quite treated the same as the rest of the Office suite. Customers move most of their productivity workloads to Office 365 (currently at 60 million users). But, we’ve found that Project and Visio workloads remain untouched, tied to the hardware they were installed on. Despite having rights to the latest version of Project & Visio, the typical Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) customer “deals with the pain” and sticks to legacy versions. They forego the innovative features Office products have embraced over the years and never quite make the shift towards the cloud.

To help SA customers make the move to the Project and Visio cloud, Microsoft is offering a 30% discount on cloud licenses until December 31st, 2016.

Microsoft wants to make it easy for licensed Project and Visio SA customers to adopt the cloud. Customers with existing SA licenses for Project and Visio can purchase “cloud add-on” licenses for both products. The cloud add-ons modify the on-premise Project and Visio licenses to those of Project Online and Visio for Office 365, enabling the following benefits:

Simplified IT Management

Automatic updates rather than manual upgrade or deployment cycles. This saves time and manual work for IT staff by making both products simple to deploy and upgrade.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Buying Professional licenses without SA every few years is more expensive than purchasing cloud subscriptions, which are perpetual. On average, SA customers stand to save 10- 12% on licensing alone.
  • Existing licenses can be re-assigned to new users, avoiding the need for new ones. This helps avoid the common trend in purchasing “standard” licenses “just in time.” Instead, customers can plan ahead, thereby reducing cost and complexity.

Multiple Installs

  • You can install your Project and Visio License on 5 devices, versus the Standard which can only be installed on 1 device.

Communicate in real time

  • Skype integration allows for easy collaboration with co-workers, similar to other Office 365 products.

From now until the end of December, Microsoft is offering a 30% discount on the cloud add-ons to incentivize SA customers to make the move toward the cloud.

On top of this, if you do not have SA licenses for Microsoft Project, you can procure Project licenses at a 15% discount. Learn more about both of these offers and how Softchoice can help assess your existing licenses for Project & Visio here.

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