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SPLA Prices Set To Rise

Microsoft | Posted on January 2, 2015 by Stephen Tsatskas

For those who have been enrolled in the SPLA program for over a year, you’ll remember the pain felt in February when we announced the double-digit price increasing that was coming.

Unfortunately, another price increase is headed your way.

This price increase is scheduled to come into effect with your January usage and will be raised for Microsoft Windows and Dynamics.  Any orders for previous months submitted after January 15th, will now fall under the 2015 price list.

Why does Microsoft keep raising its prices on Windows? 

The short answer is, because they can. As the most reported SPLA licensing, there is no Mobility rights with Windows, making Azure a lot more attractive.

Facing another year of double-digit price increases, you’ll want to review the following to prepare.

If you have any questions about the upcoming price increase or SPLA in general, post your question below or contact me directly.

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