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Stop Paying for Ex-Employees’ Email. Office 365’s Retention Rules!

Microsoft | Posted on March 12, 2014 by Michael Losleben

I’ve never spoken with anyone that enjoys managing their E-mail environment. Storage, time, and sanity are all things that IT would like to get back and moving to Exchange Online with O365 can help do just that.

However, fields with long term information requirements such as healthcare, finance, and legal have been especially leery about moving their E-mail to the cloud because of the need for long term retention. Legal departments, those pesky folks that think “Megabyte” is the name of a Sci-Fi channel horror movie, demand varying years of retention in case of litigation. Until recently, there were 3 ways to achieve this requirement if someone left the organization:

  1. Export mailboxes and store on-prem (requires expending your storage, time and precious sanity that moving to the cloud was supposed to save you!)
  2. Continue paying for an O365 subscription for ex-employees (go ask your CFO how he feels about continuing to pay for people who left 5 years ago… go ahead… I’ll wait….)
  3. Use a 3rd party solution such as Mimecast (still a great option because of the multitude of other benefits that Mimecast provides, see or your awesome Softchoice rep for more details)

Recently however, Microsoft made a quiet change in their O365 functionality and licensing requirements that have a loud impact on the difficulties mentioned above.

You can now hold a mailbox indefinitely without paying a dime (or a nickel or a penny!) for that hold. Although the change was made with none of the fanfare and celebration that such a change is due, it is a moment of exultation for organizations that have wanted to move their Exchange to the cloud but couldn’t because of the constraints they faced previously.

While most impactful to healthcare, finance, and legal entities, this is a perfect chance for anyone who has not yet explored the possibility of making the change to see if it is powerful as touted. The excuses not to are running out.

Softchoice has helped hundreds of clients take this step into what is a fundamental shift in how IT supports the business. From consulting and architecting, to POC’s, to full migrations and integrations to the Cloud in all its forms, now is the time to contact Softchoice to help meet the needs the business is demanding of you.

Your competition is making the change which is allowing them to do more with less, and move to be a proactive force. Take advantage of the immense amount of funds Microsoft is offering to help make the move, call Softchoice to ensure you maximize those funds and our technical expertise, and be that critical enabler to the business that IT can and should be.

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