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As Support For Windows XP Ends, A Majority Of PCs Still Run The Aging OS

Microsoft | Posted on October 31, 2012 by Luke Black

As the clock ticks down to the end of Windows XP support, a majority of business machines are still running the aging operating system, suggests a new Softchoice-led study.

Sixty-two percent of desktops and laptops continue to operate on Windows XP or older operating systems, according to aggregate data gathered from over 620,000 PC’s of hundreds of Softchoice clients. Just 38 percent of surveyed machines were running a newer OS, including Windows 7 and to a lesser extent, Vista.

Although this is an improvement from last year (a previous Softchoice study showed that as of August 2011, 71% of PC’s still ran XP), the new numbers indicate two thirds of North American businesses are running an OS that will soon be obsolete, as Microsoft plans to cease support for XP as of April 2014.

In November, Softchoice will kick off its latest Discovery Series, an informative seminar hosted by our team of Microsoft experts where we’ll explore the business challenges of upgrading – and the real value of Windows 8.

The news that Microsoft plans to cease support for XP as of April 2014 comes on the heels of Microsoft’s latest version of the operating system, Windows 8, being released on October 26th- which makes XP three generations old.

The migration obstacle will be harder to overcome for some businesses, particularly those who require hardware upgrades in order to make the switch. The Softchoice study revealed one quarter of PC’s (24%) would require a hardware upgrade in order to install the newest Windows OS.

Meanwhile, a different report from Gartner shows the window of opportunity is rapidly shrinking to effectively craft an XP exit plan. Gartner’s researchers said earlier this year that IT leaders require 12 to 18 months to plan a successful Windows migration. Yet, by the time Windows 8 makes it debut, there will be roughly 17 months until XP support is cut.

As with most major migrations, Windows adoption is not always simple, and Softchoice experts agree with Gartner’s implication that advanced planning is needed to make the right business decision. That’s why Softchoice has put in place numerous resources to help businesses of all sizes navigate their options and effectively make the move.

Softchoice also offers a variety of vendor-agnostic services, designed to give actionable, impartial advice.

Softchoice’s study data was collected using an automated inventory tool on thousands of its customers PC environments, and it gives an accurate picture of the “in the wild” PC’s of North American businesses of various sizes.

Do you have questions about  the transition from XP to Windows 8? You’ll find answers at the Discovery Series event nearest you or feel free to get hold of your Softchoice Account Manager today. If you don’t know who your Account Manager is or don’t have one, feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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