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Network Connectivity
Extend Intel® Virtualization Technology
Network virtualization is the next big trend in creating an agile data center. The Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XL710 features industry-leading, energy-efficient design for next-generation 10/40GbE performance.
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Enhance Collaboration
Get meetings off to a faster start
Intel® Unite software is powering smart, connected, and secure meeting spaces where in-room participants and remote guests can meet, share content and collaborate more productively.
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Cloud Orchestration
Enable agility with automated provisioning
Orchestration is key to an efficient, cost-effective, cloud-ready data center built on software-defined infrastructure (SDI). Reduce costs and increase efficiency through intelligent, automated allocation across compute, storage and network assets.
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Components of SDI
Stay agile and reduce costs with SDI
Modern digital services require a new vision for a smarter data center - one that is self-monitoring, self-healing, self-optimizing, and self-scaling. Learn the key components of a software-defined infrastructure (SDI).
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