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Softchoice Careers: Are you ready to unleash your potential?

Join a community of professionals making an impact every single day

We are an influential, growth-oriented organization determined to enable our people, our clients, our partners and the communities we serve to realize their potential. Our unique culture fosters a friendly, open-minded workplace where employees are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work.

As a member of a dynamic, high-performing team, each Softchoice employee is hungry to learn, valued for their contributions, and approaches each day excited to make an impact.

What connects us all: Our Purpose, Values and Vision

Our Purpose:

The fundamental reason why Softchoice exists
We exist to unleash the potential of people and technology.

Our Values:

What we stand for as a community. The common behaviors that help us thrive, and what we hold each other accountable to.
1. We grow our people...first
2. We have customer passion
3. We take care of each other
4. We own the end result

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Our Vision:

The future we’ll create – the difference we’ll make - when we realize our purpose, guided by our values.
We will create better communities through technology, powered by our passionate people working hand in hand with our customers and partners.

What makes Softchoice so special

The Tie Jacket Award – a Softchoice cultural icon and our most coveted sales award

Celebrating employees who live our purpose, values and vision - every day

As long as there’s been a Softchoice, recognizing a job well done has been part of our culture. Our employees regularly go above and beyond to surprise and delight their peers and their customers. As an organization, we recognize employees who go the extra mile and bring our values to life through our Unleash the WOW recognition program. Each month, the best WOW stories get shared on OrangeNationLive, our monthly live show, broadcast to every office across North America.

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We even have our own peer-to-peer tool called! Every day, employees receive WOWcards from their peers, managers, business partners and customers for exemplifying our values, supporting each other, and delivering exceptional outcomes for the people we serve.

We’ve got easy-to-send WOWcards that make it easy to celebrate our values, and special occasions too!

Work anniversaries, welcoming new members to the Softchoice teams – even thank you cards.


Every year at our annual Launch conference, we recognize the best of the best with awards in front of the whole company. These are Softchoice’s highest honors for leadership, performance and living our values.

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