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73% of corporate networks are ticking time bombs.
Is yours?

Softchoice's analysis of more than 212,000 networking devices and 350 organizations across North America found 73 percent of businesses have end-of-support devices operating in their networks. The data was collected through our Cisco Contract TechCheck™, an assessment service that examines the state and health of an organization's network infrastructure.

End-of-support devices are like ticking time bombs that place organizations at a higher risk of security breaches, as well as lost productivity due to longer network outages and higher replacement costs when the devices finally go "BOOM!"

Is your organization at risk?

Softchoice's Cisco Contract TechCheck™ analysis of 52,000 devices and more than 200 organizations found:

73% of all businesses have end-of-support devices

96% of all businesses have end-of-sale devices

23% of all devices are end-of-sale

6% of all devices are end-of-support

20% of all devices lack SMARTnet coverage

What is a Cisco Contract TechCheck™?

The Cisco Contract TechCheck™ provides insight into an organization’s network infrastructure based on data that is registered with Cisco.

With all Cisco devices having a defined life-cycle, the Cisco Contract TechCheck™ charts which devices are in critical need of replacement, which should be planned for replacement in the future, and which are still new and can meet your needs. The Cisco Contract TechCheck™ also charts your SMARTnet usage, laying out clearly which devices are registered, what is expired, and what might be missing coverage.

The Cisco Contract TechCheck™ is funded by Softchoice and is delivered by a Softchoice Cisco Sales Specialist.

What do you get with a Cisco Contract TechCheck™?

The Cisco Contract TechCheck™ is compiled by gathering reports on the organization's network environment directly from Cisco. Through our reporting and client briefing, we provide a full overview of their SMARTnet status, the state of devices in terms of their lifecycle, and provide recommendations to simplify contract management and aid future planning.

The information is delivered one-to-one by a Softchoice Cisco Sales Specialist.