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How to overcome the 3 biggest hurdles in data center transformation

Nearly every IT department we work with is challenged with trying to meet company and employee demands, and also keeping up with rapidly technology. While both affect your success as an IT department and company, the reality is one takes priority, and it’s always the company. Sound familiar?

Now you almost certainly need to undertake a data center transformation to improve functionality, security, and performance. As you start planning to modernize your data center, you’ll likely find yourself facing one of more of three very common hurdles. Here's what they are, and what you can do about them.

CHALLENGE #1: A lack of network insight puts the business at risk 

Whether you’ve inherited a complex network environment, or built one over time, it’s important to know the state and health of your network infrastructure. Several factors including staff turnover, various levels of expertise within your team, loose threads and broken elements may have created serious gaps. Is your organization at risk?

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We’ve found 73 percent of businesses have end-of-support devices operating in their networks. This data was collected through our Cisco Contract TechCheck, an assessment service that examines the state and health of an organization's network infrastructure. End-of-support devices are like ticking time bombs that place organizations at a higher risk of security breaches, as well as lost productivity due to longer network outages and higher replacement costs when the devices finally go "BOOM!"


You can mitigate these issues by doing a comprehensive evaluation of your network infrastructure. Your evaluation should capture the current status of your devices as follows:

  • Which are in critical need of replacement
  • Which should be planned for replacement in the future
  • Which are still new and can meet your needs
  • Which devices are registered
  • Which have expired
  • What is, or might be, missing coverage

Based on this evaluation you can establish a plan and budget for the future.

CHALLENGE #2: Too many options force bad decisions

As pressures increase to do more—and do it faster—moving away from traditional approaches to technology may seem promising. But you may not be fortunate enough to have staff dedicated to learning new models, who can also provide expert recommendations. There are many great data center solutions on the market, and each has its strengths.


Complete your network evaluation before looking for a solution. With this in hand, you’ll know what you need. A warning though: there are many excellent solutions on the market, and the job of finding the best fit is time consuming for people unfamiliar with them. While it may be tempting to tackle this job with your existing resources, selecting new infrastructure is not as easy a task as most people expect it will be, and an ill-fit can have permanent and damaging implications on performance and reliability. Be sure to work with a third party who is experienced in procuring data center solutions.

CHALLENGE #3: Gaps within your team that hinder your success 

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Data center transformation requires a wide skillset that most teams don’t possess.

Bandwidth, too, is a common gap. Even large IT teams encounter this obstacle. To ready your new network, you need to ramp up on new concepts without disrupting day-to-day operations. Most network transformations are based upon new, complex architecture that supersedes staff’s existing familiarity and expertise.


For a smooth transformation, assess the human resources you’ll require and temporarily expand your team. Expect your resourcing needs to shift as you move through the stages of transformation. Consider what your team composition will need to:

  • Develop a current-state evaluation (data analysis skills, tools for information gathering, ability to read legal contracts relating to your device, etc.)
  • Technical experts and technology architects to design the infrastructure
  • Procure a solution as discussed in challenge #2
  • Connect technology silos
  • Tip: Look for cross-technology experts because their expertise leads to faster resolution of issues and complications.

These are the three most common hurdles we see organizations face as they begin their data center transformation. With this knowledge in hand you can now prepare in advance so that your transformation doesn’t come to a grinding halt, or launch but not produce the benefits it should.

Having assisted hundreds of organizations with this change, we have sound tools, tests and best practices that you leverage. We also have a number of services, some of which are complementary, that you can use to fill gaps in knowledge and resourcing.

Reach out to our data center team to find out more.

Softchoice’s complimentary TechCheck service is the fastest way to create your gap analysis. It is one of many services you can leverage for your data center transformation.

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With the explosion of data growth, the ability to accurately forecast storage capacity, reduce costs and deal with data migration has become more critical than ever for IT leaders. Storage administrators also face additional pressures of excessive backup times, higher service level requirements, longer retention periods for more data and increased capacity needs.

The Softchoice Storage TechCheck is designed to provide clients with essential information about the performance of an array, that in turn provides intelligence that informs cost savings, performance improvements and capacity planning.

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Knowing the status of your network assets can greatly improve business up-time and help you anticipate issues long before they occur. That's why we created Softchoice's Network Discovery Assessment - an end-to-end process designed to give you practical, actionable insights into the most complicated networking challenges

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