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Softchoice ITAMaaS Suite

Confidence is a single-pane view of your entire IT asset mix backed by decision making help from true ITAM experts

A powerful all-in-one tool

See data for every asset in your portfolio in one place! Save hours of work and eliminate gaps and errors with this comprehensive view of your on-prem and off-prem assets.


Expert help with ITAM analysis & decision-making

Yes, our single-pane view of your entire IT asset mix is incredibly valuable, but you'll appreciate the
guidance from our ITAM experts even more!


12+ years
Supporting ITAM managers
ITAM engagements completed
15 years
Average our experts have worked in ITAM
Technical expertise for all major vendors

Softchoice engaged the right resources and was always there for any assistance we needed. The Softchoice team provided a report which was well explained, and worked with us until project closure to ensure we are compliant.

— IT Project Manager, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

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Softchoice Assessments

Point-in-time asset management consulting

Softchoice Advantage

Affordable software license assessment bundles

Softchoice Keystone SAM

Managed service offering deep insights

Softchoice Keystone SAM Advanced

Our most comprehensive managed service

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