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Softchoice Licensing

Reduce Software and inventory costs through licensing

For organizations looking to save money while reaping the benefits a standardized IT environment can bring, software licensing agreements are a must-have item. That said, the task of sifting through the options available and arriving at the licensing solution that makes the most sense for you is a complicated and often time-consuming business. And that's exactly why we're here.

Widely recognized as the software licensing experts, Softchoice's job is to work closely with you to identify the most appropriate licensing options, lower your total cost of ownership, and eliminate your non-compliance worries. Taking our focus one step further, we'll help you manage your agreements over time and provide services that will allow you to manage what you've got, forecast your future needs, and assess the challenges and opportunities presented by the implementation of new technology. Our approach is a holistic one and perhaps the reason more than 80% of Softchoice customers are saving time, money and reducing their risks through software licensing programs.

Benefits of Licensing

Software licensing through Softchoice saves you money, time and reduces risk

The more you buy, the bigger the discount - it's that simple. What isn't so easy is understanding the different ways software licensing discounts are applied. That's where Softchoice comes in. Widely recognized as the leading expert on more than 50 of the most popular licensing programs available our job is to make sure you get the greatest return on your software investments.

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Our major software authorization levels:

  • McAfee
    Platinum Sales Partner
  • Novell
    National Partner
  • Symantec
    Enterprise Sales Partner
  • VMware
    Premier Corporate Reseller VMware Authorized Consultant (VAC)

10 Reasons to Use Softchoice

  1. The Established Experts
    Softchoice has been an expert in volume licensing since the concept was invented, and today we are one of North America's premier volume licensing specialists. We even serve an advisory role for top publishers like Microsoft, Symantec, Novell and Adobe, providing input for how best to structure their evolving licensing programs to better meet customer needs.
  2. The Best Reporting Around
    With Softchoice reporting tools, you have the ability to track licenses by purchase date, product type, and even produce your own customized reports. They're also a key resource when it comes to forecasting your future needs, or proving your compliance. You get these powerful features, plus a whole lot more, through your customer portal at

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