Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks
Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks

Download Lynn Allen's AutoCAD 2017 Tips & Tricks Guide

It’s no secret that AutoCAD 2017 is here, and it boasts some fresh features like licensing management, PDF import, and 3D graphics enhancements. Check out Lynn Allen’s Tips & Tricks Guide – on us!

However, clients face 3 main challenges with AutoCAD 2017

1. Want to upgrade, but maintenance has expired

2. Need to upgrade rapidly due to project requirements and file inter-compatibility

3. Need to manage old, perpetual licenses and also get new AutoCAD 2017 licenses

Why upgrade with Softchoice?

Softchoice Autodesk experts can audit your licenses for you, (before Autodesk does) and provide full visibility into your environment and help you manage old licenses, while helping you procure any new ones. At the end of the day, how you upgrade is totally up to you.

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