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Working together, people achieve extraordinary things

Collaboration is everything

For years collaboration was thought of as swapping out dial tones with an Instant Messaging app. That way of thinking is history. Today our digital world is reaching new heights of competitiveness. And collaboration has become the key to unlocking the potential and productivity of your greatest assets: Your people.

Why now?

By 2020, more than half of our workforce will be composed of the most purpose-driven, tech-savvy cohort, the Millennials. Giving them the latest-and-greatest tools to engage with their colleagues and clients, and excel at their profession, won't just be a perk. It will be a necessity.

Cisco Collaboration Suite

Why Cisco?

Cisco's innovative collaboration technology helps your organization thrive in an ever-changing, post-PC world. Offering intuitive, beautifully designed products focused on an amazing user experience, Cisco delivers voice, video, conferencing, contact centers, unified communications, and more.

Featured Solution:

Cisco Business Edition 6000
Putting all your collaboration needs in one box. Literally.

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Why Softchoice for Cisco's Collaboration Suite?

The credentials you expect. The expertise you need.

It takes an entire page to list all the Cisco accreditations Softchoice has earned, making us one of the Top 20 trusted Cisco partners in the world. But these days, vendor credentials is just table stakes. You need to ensure you're getting the technology you need to accomplish your goals, with the confidence your partner has your best interests at heart.

Assessment-driven insight

Softchoice is different by design. We focus on bringing an objective, assessment-led approach that helps you define, architect and deliver the ideal collaboration solution for your organization. Our Cisco TechCheck services and deep bench of Cisco professionals give you fast, clear and actionable insight, helping you choose the best path.

Keystone Essential Services for Cisco

Today, Softchoice's Keystone Managed Services offers support across a gamut of technology solutions. But the program was founded over a decade ago specifically to help organizations achieve the ideal Cisco environment, Keystone Essential Services for Cisco is the gold standard for trusted, experienced Cisco managed services.

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