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Active Quotes

Lock in pricing and purchase for a minimum of 15 days

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Your Softchoice Representative or Site Administrator can create and publish Quotes online. Quotes lock in pricing for a pre-determined amount of time (typically 15 days) and are available to purchase directly from your Dashboard.

Active Quotes

Conveniently access and purchase from Active Quotes directly from your Dashboard. A printable PDF version of your quote is available for download if needed.

  • Quotes available for a minimum of 15 days
  • Lock in pricing
  • Quotes can be re-purchased numerous times
  • Printable PDF version of quote available
  • Quotes can be titled

Lock in Pricing

Have peace of mind that pricing won't change before your quote expires

Save and Print

Download a PDF version of your quote to save or print.


Active Quotes can be re-purchased numerous times

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the same quote multiple times?

Yes, once a quote has been published it can be ordered as often as needed until it expires. By default, the quote will expire after 15 days, but your Account rep can extend that date if needed.

How do I pay for a quote?

Clicking on the Order # or cart button will take you to the Quote Checkout page. From there, you can enter in either your credit card information or select to pay by Terms if your account is setup for that. Once the order has been placed you will receive an order notification and you can then track your order via the Order 360 tool.

Can I edit a quote?

Yes, you can edit a quote you created yourself. However, if a quote was created by your Softchoice sales representative, you cannot edit it.

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