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Power Up

The Need

We believe technology is a powerful tool for learning.

When used right, it can create an immersive, engaging experience for students. It challenges children to think critically and to solve problems in new and innovative ways. It connects them with the most current information and interactive learning programs available, and it nurtures a more social and collaborative classroom environment.

The use of technology also helps children develop the computing skills and tech savvy that will set them on a successful path throughout their academic and professional careers.

However, most schools face a major barrier to integrating technology into student learning – and it's not from a lack of innovative ideas or proving its value. It's a matter of dollars and cents.

School boards across North America face a budget crunch to keep up with basic infrastructure demands and supplies for teachers. Most schools rely heavily on local fundraising, particularly through parents, to fill in funding gaps. This places schools in low-income neighborhoods at a particular disadvantage, as their fundraising tends to yield far less than schools in more affluent areas. These same families are far less likely to have a computer or Internet access at home, too.

As a result, the quality of education is not meeting the needs or expectations of parents and teachers, and technology is not getting into the hands of the students who need it the most.

Our Response

Through the IT solutions we've delivered to our educational clients, Softchoice and Lenovo have seen firsthand the positive impact technology can have on student engagement and achievement. Together, we are seeking to bridge the digital divide and empower more kids to succeed through the use of technology.

POWER UP: Technology Grants for Schools in Need provides access to technology to enhance learning for elementary and middle school students in our most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Our goal is to create opportunities for learning and personal advancement so that people of all walks can achieve their full potential.

On December 1, 2016, Softchoice and Lenovo awarded $10,000 classroom technology grants to seven elementary and middle schools from Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto and Montreal.

Read the official announcement.

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About Us

About Softchoice

Softchoice is a leading provider of IT solutions and managed services. With over 1,300 employees, we manage the technology needs of thousands of corporate and public sector organizations across the United States and Canada. Our employee-inspired and employee-driven philanthropic program, Softchoice Cares, focuses on "bridging the digital divide" in communities across North America and around the world. We believe in equal access to education and knowledge through technology, because technology is a powerful tool in creating positive change and a better world for everyone.

Softchoice's share of the POWER UP funds were raised and donated by its employees through Softchoice Cares fundraisers. Learn more about Softchoice Cares at

About Lenovo

Lenovo constantly engages with business, education and civic organizations to promote collaboration in communities where Lenovo operates and employees live and work. Lenovo supports the efforts of key organizations working to enhance our business operating environment, as well as those working to foster hope through education and technology. Lenovo provides opportunities for employees to support our communities by volunteering, as well as donating through the Lenovo Employees Care Campaign (LECC), our annual North America employee charitable giving campaign. Lenovo's commitment to both its employees and its communities is demonstrated by the corporate Matching Gifts Program, where the company donates 50 percent of eligible employee gifts made through the LECC to non-profits that comply with program guidelines. Since 2005, Lenovo employees in North America have pledged over $4 million through our charitable initiative, Lenovo Employees Care. And Lenovo has donated $9.6 million in U.S. philanthropy and community outreach, focused on disadvantaged youth, education and STEM.