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Purchasing AWS Cloud Services

As a leading cloud provider, AWS offers a broad and constantly evolving set of global compute, database, analytics, application and deployment services. Purchasing AWS cloud services is very simple. All you need to is a computer and a credit card and you are off.

The bigger challenge is developing an effective cloud strategy and ensuring you purchase the right AWS services to support your objectives. There are other important factors to consider as well. This includes ROI analysis to justify your move to AWS, stakeholder and business alignment, architectural considerations, existing license investments and ongoing optimization. All of these play an important role in the purchase of any public cloud service.

Make informed AWS purchasing decisions

Understand the difference of cloud
The delivery model for cloud computing is fundamentally different from the traditional on premise model. Understanding this difference can help you structure a more effective approach to purchasing cloud services.
Focus on applications
It is important to avoid the trap of replicating data center infrastructure in the cloud. Instead focus on prioritizing workloads and driving business outcomes. You can leverage the help of a Softchoice cloud expert to develop a cost-effective AWS solution based on your unique requirements.
Know your application licensing and dependencies
Many versions of software are not cloud-ready and may need upgrading. It is also important to consider the inter-dependencies between applications. In some cases, you may have to consider the licensing costs of moving more than one application.
Security is a shared responsibility
It is important to understand what the security responsibilities are for your public cloud provider and what you are accountable for providing. Clarity at the outset will help avoid unnecessary risks and expense.
Involve stakeholders early
Stakeholder engagement is important in ensuring the right people know how cloud adoption will influence existing practices, budgeting, security and compliance.

There is a lot to finding success in the cloud. For more information, or to discuss a specific cloud initiative, please feel free to contact us directly.

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