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Next Generation AWS Managed Services Partner since 2015

Accelerate cloud adoption and unlock the value of the world’s leading cloud service provider.

Accelerate your cloud journey with a leading AWS Managed Services Partner

Avoiding risks, reducing costs and improving cloud performance requires in-depth knowledge. Without it, changes to your cloud services and consumption patterns can derail even the best-laid plans. The challenge is most organizations simply lack the time and expertise to manage and fully optimize their AWS investments.

Softchoice’s AWS Managed Services addresses these challenges head on. We combine dedicated AWS support, including monitoring and live 24x7 access to certified cloud professionals to keep you running smoothly. We also provide access to unlimited mentorship to grow your team’s cloud proficiency. Our flexible approach helps you eliminate common cloud management problems so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Softchoice Keystone Managed Services Overview

AWS Managed Services: deliver the right support for your organization

Speed AWS Deployments and Minimize Risk
Setup services conducted by certified engineers ensure a secure foundation between your data center and the AWS cloud, creating a stable platform for growth.
Resolve Issues Faster
Access live, 24X7X365 technical support and connect directly with certified experts to resolves incidents and ensure you stay up and running.
Gain Real-time Insights to Improve Performance
Management tools, including the AWS Dashboard paired with recurring consultations, provide the oversight needed to track costs, reduce waste, and optimize your AWS investment over time.
Hone your Internal Cloud Expertise
Access unlimited mentorship services for configuration, planning and technical support to better manage the complexities of your evolving AWS environment.

Managed Services for AWS

Category Service Item & Description
Support and Mentorship 24x7x365 live answer technical support
24x7 live answer guarantee
Incident and escalation management
Phone and email access to certified cloud support personnel
Ongoing Cloud Education
Ongoing education via Cloud Webinar series
Curated cloud content and resources
Cloud Success Guide
Cloud Success Guidance via prescriptive cloud technology best practice mentorship sessions
Configuration Mentorship
On-demand access to Senior Cloud Engineers for mentorship, supporting adoption of cloud technology best practices and reference architecture
Architecture contextual guidance for cloud native and hybrid architectures
Monthly Service Reporting
Report detailing monthly ticket volumes and activity
Operational Management Customer Relationship Management
IT Service Management aligned to industry best practices leveraging ITIL framework
Service Request Management
8X5 fulfillment of customer cloud service requests (Moves, Adds, Change, and Delete to existing architectures)
Monitoring and Notification
24x7x365 monitoring of critical cloud services and workloads
24x7x365 monitoring of the overall health of your public cloud infrastructure resources
Triage and remediation of incidents and alarms
Manage cloud vendor service notifications
Operating System Patching
Monthly patching of critical updates in proving and production environment workloads
Identity and Access Management
Administration of Cloud Vendor Portal Identity and Access Management aligned to best practices
Configuration and administration of access keys in vendor cloud portals
Setup and administration of multifactor authentication for vendor cloud portal administrator accounts
Snapshot and Restore
Daily snapshots of cloud virtual machines
Restoration of cloud virtual machines from snapshots
Participation in disaster recovery testing
Policy Management
Portal to manage security, identity access management, cost, and operational policies
On-demand development and delivery of custom policy templates (additional charge)
Infrastructure and Automation and Orchestration
Self-service portal to deliver both standard and customer customized Softchoice Cloud Marketplace service templates
On-demand development and delivery of customer self-service templates
On-demand development and delivery of custom application programmatic interface integration (additional charge)
On-demand Subject Matter Expert
On-demand delivery of cloud technology
Cost Management Cloud Optimization Dashboard
Cloud resource spend dashboard
Consolidated billing and chargeback reporting
Cost Allocation
Cloud cost budgeting, alerting, and forecasting tools
Ongoing Cost Optimization
Cloud Advisory Dashboard recommendations
Cost optimization review and recommendations
Configuration mentorship
Cost assessment consulting
Reserved Instance Portfolio Management
Reserved instance portfolio review and planning
Add-ons Services Professional Services
Cloud migration roadmap
Migration services
Well architected reviews and environment health checks
CI-CD Pipeline infrastructure & tools configuration
Architect / Engineering residency
Assessments and Accelerators
Understand the financial impact of moving a workload to cloud
Test and validate the requirements of your workload(s) on cloud
Develop an application-centric roadmap for mass migration to cloud
Backup (on-premise to cloud) coming soon!
DR (on-premise to cloud) coming soon!
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) coming soon!
Server/instance level anti-malware (Hybrid workloads) coming soon!

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