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AWS Backup, Archival, and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Time is a finite resource. With the explosion of data today, we need to re-examine the traditional way of protecting production workloads. For example, backup windows are shrinking as many businesses shift to around-the-clock operations. The business requirement for workload availability is also increasing. Physical workloads are giving way to virtual and cloud-native workloads that all require similar levels of protection. In this scenario, the key is to modernize your data protection and availability strategy. Potential approaches include using the public cloud to reduce the cost and complexity of traditional mediums like tape/offsite storage and secondary data centers for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Why Softchoice for AWS Storage Solutions

Working with us to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS), you’ll hit your compliance requirements, retain your data and meet your Recovery Time Object (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) goals all on a pay-as-you-go price scheme. We bring critical know-how to capitalize on the AWS ecosystem of cloud services and third-party hybrid solutions.

An effective Hybrid IT storage strategy is application-centric

We take a workload-focused approach to planning, migration, application protection and continuity enabled by depth in traditional data center infrastructure and the public cloud.

Cloud cost optimization demands an iterative approach

Building on more than 25 years of Software Asset Management (SAM) best practices, we have adapted our approach to drive ongoing savings and improved governance with AWS.

Developing your internal cloud skills is essential

Our managed services provide support for all of your cloud environments. A core element of our offering is unlimited, ongoing mentorship to help you develop internal cloud knowledge and skill sets.

AWS Storage Solutions

AWS provides a variety of storage services that you can use to architect scalable, secure and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions. These comply with regulatory requirements and business policies without raising the familiar challenges associated with legacy backup and recovery systems. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is designed to store and retrieve data from anywhere on the web. Users can customize storage rules to automatically move data to Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (Standard-IA) for long-lived but less frequently-accessed data. Or they can use Amazon Glacier to enable archive storage at a very low cost.

Primary Storage
It’s easy to imagine Amazon EBS and S3 could become your primary storage solution. By enhancing your on-premises storage with file, block, object and streamed data formats, you can obtain a redundant, robust infrastructure for your most crucial workloads. These work in concert with lifecycle policies and cost-balancing resources that will save you money and make your life easier.
Business Continuity (High Availability)
You want a seamless fit between your cloud and on-premises environments. While you’re at it, you want to prevent data loss and endure the shortest possible recovery time. We’ll help you achieve these goals by monitoring and protecting your backups with enterprise-class tools and geographically-redundant storage. Your business will continue uninterrupted.
Cloud Backup & Recovery
As your data grows and diversifies, storing, protecting and recovering it becomes a big challenge. We and AWS offer the knowledge of traditional data centers and the ecosystem of storage partners you need to meet your RTO and RPO, data retention and compliance requirements.

Whether your IT environment is on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-native, AWS can help you design and deploy a data protection solution that meet your needs.

Disaster Recovery
You don’t need to fear disaster – you just need to be prepared for it. Amazon S3’s infrastructure brings both high-availability and high-durability. With it, you can launch applications across diverse geographic areas using a combination of Amazon Machine Images and Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) Snapshots. Our team will incorporate these tools into a tailor-made, worst-case-scenario recovery plan, whether you’re looking to protect your corporate data center or your cloud environment.
Data Tiering & Archiving
It’s obvious not all storage needs are the same. Maybe you need to store data in perpetuity, but you don’t need to interact with it often. However, most data ends up treated the same – taking up valuable space on corporate infrastructure. By tiering rarely-accessed, rarely-moved data into Amazon Glacier and moving data you need more often to Amazon’s S3 service, you can build an archiving architecture that meets all of your governance and compliance requirements.

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