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  • The Value of Working With Softchoice and Cisco In partnership with worldwide IT leader Cisco, Softchoice helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. The Softchoice team of award-winning experts provides support at every step of the way to help meet your immediate and long-term business goals.
  • Cisco Contract TechCheck The Softchoice team provides a free consultative engagement that provides support in understanding your Cisco network by contract management, product life cycle management, and assistance in road mapping to meet business growth.
  • Softchoice Network Readiness Analyzer The rise of trends like Cloud, Mobility and the Internet of Things is set to increase IP traffic globally three-fold by 2019. New demands on the network are forcing IT to take an expanded view of the viability and readiness of their environments to support this transformation while ensuring uptime, security, scalability and end user satisfaction. The Softchoice Network Readiness Analyzer provides a proven methodology to evaluate the impact of existing workloads and the readiness of your network to support future workloads. What if you knew your network is ready?
  • Keystone Essential Services for Cisco Keystone is the one stop shop for technical support for your Cisco devices without having to wade through individual service contracts. Having the Keystone team available 24/7 will help your team get back to tasks that really matter.
  • Softchoice Next Generation Firewall Analyzer Working with Softchoice, you'll be able to identify real threats by actively scanning and monitoring your production traffic. This security assessment will provide you with an impact assessment report that will enable you to respond to threats immediately.
  • Softchoice WiFi Readiness Analyzer Wireless internet has become a business critical service across most organizations. The rapid adoption of this technology, however, has often resulted in a patchwork of coverage through wireless sprawl, leaving IT struggling to catch up as more devices enter the environment. Learn how to optimize wireless internet coverage for business productivity with Softchoice.

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