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Accelerate your cloud journey with North America's #1 Azure Partner.

Deliver an effective Azure implementation, reduce risk and receive expert mentorship every step of the way.

Lay the foundation for success with Microsoft Azure

The provisioning of traditional IT resources is different with Microsoft Azure. A one-for-one (or like-for-like) migration strategy often leads to unnecessary cost. Without the right approach, you risk spending more in the cloud than you might expect.

Whether considering a SQL database migration, or moving specific applications to the cloud, Softchoice's Microsoft Azure Assessments are an ideal starting point. These analysis services help you evaluate the costs, risks and readiness for migrating workloads to the Microsoft cloud.

Start Your Azure Migration the Right Way

Evaluate the costs, benefits and ROI of an Azure cloud migration.
Understand the readiness of specific workloads, applications and databases for Azure.
Prioritize which applications to migrate first and which applications should remain on premise.
Create a roadmap, including costs and timing for a larger cloud strategy.

Softchoice Public Cloud Technology Review

Speed Azure Deployments and Minimize Risk
Gauge the Impact of Azure on Existing Infrastructure

Free of charge, the Softchoice Public Cloud Technology Review delivers a like-for-like cost analysis based on your existing infrastructure in a way that provides full visibility into projected public cloud consumption. Softchoice experts then illustrate how your current state maps to Azure so you can derive fact-based insights and gain the initial inputs to begin planning your transition.

Resolve Issues Faster
Plotting the Right Application Path

The Softchoice Workload Analyzer is an application assessment service for migration planning. This service evaluates all of your migration options in the context of your own environment and business needs through consultation with Softchoice experts. The data you gather with the Workload Analyzer service helps you fully understand the impact of possible migrations so you can prioritize the most appropriate data and applications to move to the cloud. With Workload Analyzer, you will be able to link costs, potential risks, and business benefits to an actionable migration strategy.

How our Azure Assessments Work

Our cloud experts catalog your application, server, storage and network needs, establishing an in-depth understanding of your current operating state. We then present a variety of migration options, highlighting the costs, benefits and risks of each. Our goal is to help you choose the right Azure migration path – one that serves your current and future needs, while minimizing risk and maximizing savings.

1Data Collection & Discovery
Agentless collection of application and infrastructure usage data.

2Infrastructure Analysis
In-depth analysis of consumption patterns, as well as server, storage and network resourcing and interdependencies.

3Business Review
A comprehensive review of business requirements and risks to identify which workloads should remain on premise and which should be prioritized for migration to Microsoft Azure.

4Report & Recommendations
An executive report, delivered by a certified Azure cloud expert, on recommended migration paths, with roadmaps and budgets for each scenario.

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