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Ensuring Migration Success

Let Softchoice lead you to a successful Office 365 migration.

eBook: Migrating from On Premises to the Cloud – The Right Way with Office 365

As Office 365 has proven itself over the years, organizations are accelerating their integration of cloud and mobile technologies into key business processes and systems. In the process they area examining all of the factors of migration, from adoption challenges and purchasing and licensing to realizing higher individual and organizations productivity as a result of a successful migration.

This eBook takes a closer look at how more organizations migrating to Office 365 every year, overcoming concerns and challenges, and seizing the opportunities to dramatically improve the efficiency, responsiveness and overall effectiveness of their business by migrating to Office 365.

The CIO Roadmap for Launching Office 365

Discover your path to increased productivity, happier end users, and smarter licensing with a roadmap designed for every CIO getting ready to launch Office 365.

Optimize Office 365 Operations and Service Delivery

Softchoice Keystone for Office 365 helps clients quickly adapt internal processes, manage through skill gaps, and unlock the full potential of Office 365.

Have Office 365 But Still Haven’t Launched? You’re Missing Out on Big Benefits

Although there can be hesitancy to fully deploy in the cloud, there are many important and cost-saving reasons for your organization to activate your Office 365 seats ASAP.

Optimize Operations and Service Delivery with Keystone for Office 365

Softchoice Keystone for Office 365 is designed to help clients unlock the full potential of Office 365 by accelerating adoption, optimizing service delivery, and reducing risk and complexity.

Challenges The Keystone Experience and Value
I don’t have team members with the right skillset to adapt to the pace of change. Mentorship
Our configuration mentorship service can augment your team to help accelerate adoption.
We struggle to manage user adoption, and to keep track of who’s upgraded. Insight
The rich analytics we provide can help you keep tabs on and optimize your service delivery.
Sometimes we experience unplanned outages and struggle to adapt our processes. Support
Our 24X7 live answers and ITIL-based procedures help reduce risk and complexity.

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