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Let Softchoice lead you to a successful Office 365 migration.

Improve Licensing Management

Businesses today face mandatory vendor audit requirements to demonstrate compliance with complex licensing models. Most benefit from a clear picture of current usage versus the amount of licenses allocated to minimize risk of steep fines, potential litigation, and negative public relations.

At Softchoice, we believe there is a better way to manage software asset lifecycles. Softchoice’s heritage is rooted in helping clients maximize their use and management approach associated with Microsoft licensing models.

Softchoice Assessment Services offer Microsoft Licensing TechCheck to collect data, gain insights, and make recommendations on optimizing your licensing agreements.

Why You Should Do More Than Just Licensing with Office 365

While using the Office 365 cloud suite has been shown to unlock a more connected, collaborative, and efficient business, many organizations purchased Office 365 merely to take advantage of a more simplified licensing solution.

With the proper roll out, you can ensure Office 365 is adopted en masse across your organization, leading to a more engaged, productive, and happy workforce.

Beyond Office 365: Build a Global SaaS Identity Strategy

Consider these drivers that can help your organization think beyond Office 365 and create a global SaaS identity strategy.

5 Reasons Why Managed Services for Office 365 Make Good Business Sense

Check out why you should consider managed services before embarking on your Office 365 initiative.

Are You Prepared for the Threat of Shadow IT?

Most IT groups have only a limited view into the amount of cloud applications being consumed by the business. That’s why Softchoice designed our SaaS TechCheck.

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