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Make the shift to a modern desktop with Surface and Microsoft 365

A modern desktop with Surface for Business and Microsoft 365 gives you our most productive, most secure experience, designed for your business

Achieve more and see productivity soar

  • See enhanced productivity with Microsoft 365 and Surface – powerful hardware and software designed to work together.
  • Securely work with mobile computing from anywhere with always-connected LTE or Wi-Fi, and extended battery life.
  • Achieve more with better remote meetings and collaboration made possible by best-in-class cameras, mics, and speakers.
  • Get employees up and running quickly and easily with deployment tools and dashboards.
Woman using a Surface handheld in the airport
Man and woman on couches in a business setting

Streamline security with built-in defense

  • Protect against security threats and safeguard company data with Microsoft 365 and Surface.
  • Find peace of mind with automatic updates to the latest Windows 10 security features.
  • From employees signing in with Windows Hello, to IT encrypting security with UEFI firmware drivers, your company data is secure.
  • Adhere to the standards for highly secure Windows 10 devices and implement every advanced Microsoft security feature when you deploy Surface.

Inspire employees with a modern desktop

  • Invest in your people with beautifully designed hardware they’re proud to use and that reflects your company.
  • Empower employees with devices that adapt to all the ways they work, from tablets on the factory floor to powerful laptops on the go.
  • Enable people to work naturally through touchscreens, inking with Surface Pen, and Surface Dial.
Surface Studio in an executive's office

In the modern workplace, there are as many ways to be productive as there are people.

The Surface family offers a range of devices to enable optimal productivity for any role or work style. This guide includes information on the latest generation of Surface devices to help build the best product mix for your people.

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Get ready for Windows 7 end of support

After January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will continue to start and run, but you will no longer receive updates or support—including new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, and online technical content updates—from Microsoft.

Now is a great time to migrate to a modern Windows 10 device, such as Surface, so you can receive regular security updates to help protect your device and your business from malicious attacks.

Which Surface is right for you?

Surface Pro 6 for Business

A more powerful Pro

New, more powerful Surface Pro 6 is a light, portable laptop and tablet in one.

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Product shot of Surface Pro

Surface Laptop 2 for Business

Style and speed

Power your productivity and style with new Surface Laptop 2.

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Product shot of Surface Laptop 2

Surface Go for Business

Portable power

Our lightest and most compact Surface yet.

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Product shot of Surface Go

Surface Book 2 for Business

Powerhouse performance

Get powerhouse performance and amazing graphics with a Surface that adapts to you.

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Product shot of Surface Book 2

Surface Studio 2 for Business

Where creativity begins

Bring big ideas to life with a powerful processor, blazing graphics, and lightning-fast SSD storage.

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Product shot of Surface Studio 2

Surface Headphones

Smarter way to listen and focus

Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation technology means you choose how much you tune out.

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Product shot of Surface Headphones

Current Promotions

Save MORE, with Microsoft Surface Promos

To work and create freely, you need a powerful, next-generation laptop that delivers the ultimate in versatility, performance, and design. Every Surface is designed with these things in mind.

Surface Pro Promotion - Up to $300 off Pro5 and Pro6 (including TAA SKUs)!

Promotion Period: October 1 – December 31, 2019
Expires 12/31/2019
Promo Code: US_SRFC_PRO_FY20Q2

Device Configuration SKU Device MSRP Discount Promo MSRP
SPro 5 Core M 8/128 FJS-00001 $799 $70 $729
Pro 6 i5/16/256GB P6G-00001 $1,499 $250 $1,249
Pro 6 i5/16/256GB TAA P6Z-00001 $1,524 $250 $1,274
Pro 6 i5/8/128GB LPZ-00001 $999 $100 $899
Pro 6 i5/8/128GB TAA LSL-00001 $1,024 $100 $924
Pro 6 i5/8/256GB Platinum LQ6-00001 $1,299 $250 $1,049
Pro 6 i5/8/256GB Black LQ6-00016 $1,299 $250 $1,049
Pro 6 i5/8/256GB TAA LSM-00001 $1,324 $250 $2,049
Pro 6 i7/16/1TB LQK-00001 $2,349 $300 $2,049
Pro 6 i7/16/1TB TAA LSR-00001 $2,374 $300 $2,074
Pro 6 i7/16/512 Black LQJ-00016 $1,949 $300 $1,649
Pro 6 i7/16/512GB Platinum LQJ-00001 $1,949 $300 $1,649
Pro 6 i7/16/512GB TAA LSQ-00001 $1,974 $300 $1,674
Pro 6 i7/8/256GB Platinum LQH-00001 $1,549 $300 $1,249
Pro 6 i7/8/256GB Black LQH-00016 $1,549 $300 $1,249
Pro 6 i7/8/256GB TAA LSP-00001 $1,574 $300 $1,274

Note: Pricing, SKU availability, configurations subject to change at any time.
This promotion is valid only in USA.
Type Cover and Pen sold separately.

Surface Laptop2 Promotion - Up to $400 off Laptop2!

Promotion Period: October 1 – December 31, 2019
Expires December 31, 2019
Promo Code: US_LPTP2_FY20Q2

Device Configuration SKU Device MSRP Discount Promo MSRP
Srfc Lptp2 i5/16/256GB PHW-00001 $1,599 $150 $1,449
Srfc Lptp2 i5/8/128GB LQM-00001 $1,199 $140 $1,059
Srfc Lptp2 i5/8/256GB LQP-00001 $1,399 $150 $1,249
Srfc Lptp2 i7/16/1TB LQV-00001 $2,749 $400 $2,349
Srfc Lptp2 i7/16/512GB Platinum LQT-00001 $2,249 $300 $1,949
Srfc Lptp2 i7/16/512GB Black JKR-00066 $2,249 $300 $1,949
Srfc Lptp2 i7/8/256GB Burgundy LQT-00024 $2,249 $300 $1,949
Srfc Lptp2 i7/16/512 Cobalt Blue LQT-00038 $2,249 $300 $1,949
Srfc Lptp2 i7/8/256GB Cobalt Blue LQR-00038 $1,649 $150 $1,499
Srfc Lptp2 i7/8/256GB Burgundy LQR-00024 $1,649 $150 $1,499
Srfc Lptp2 i7/8/256GB Black JKQ-00066 $1,649 $150 $1,499
Srfc Lptp2 i7/8/256GB Platinum LQR-00001 $1,649 $150 $1,499

Note: Pricing, SKU availability, configurations subject to change at any time.
This promotion is valid only in USA.
Pen sold separately.

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