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RSA delivers a unified, business-driven approach to managing digital risk-uniting stakeholders, integrating technologies and transforming risk into reward.

RSA Business-Driven Security™ solutions provide organizations with a unified approach to managing digital risk that hinges on integrated visibility, automated insights and coordinated actions. With solutions for rapid detection and response, user access control, consumer fraud protection, and integrated risk management, RSA customers can thrive and continuously adapt to transformational change.

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Don't Be Blind-sided by Cybercriminals Using Legitimate Credentials

Find out how you can quickly detect a threat that has bypassed your defenses and learn how RSA’s NetWitness Platform leverages user behavior analytics and threat aware authentication to detect threats inside or outside of the corporate premises, and enables your teams to make policy decisions that provide stronger, continuous authentication.

RSA NetWitness Platform | Learn how to bring your security teams together to tackle digital risk

Learn how to amplify the power of your analysts with RSA NetWitness Platform, and equip your security team with the only SIEM on the market to provide end-to-end visibility across your entire infrastructure. See how RSA NetWitness Platform provides the broadest possible view across capture points, such as logos, network data, and endpoint, as well as computing platforms. Ultimately arming your analysts and security team with intelligent context to detect, prioritize, and investigate risks faster.

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