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Enabling End Users

Achieve more with your technology.

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Productivity equals people + technology.

Technology has the power to transform the way we work. IT leaders want to enable full productivity anytime, anywhere and on any device. But when technology fails to meet expectations, users disengage.

Adoption stalls and productivity suffers. Without a unified, user-centric approach, your investments in collaboration, mobility and productivity tools may fail to realize their full value.

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Workplace 2.0 Infographic
When IT leaves users out of procurement decisions,
of the tools provided go unused.

Breaking down the barriers to adoption.

Enabling a digital workplace requires considerable planning, effort and investment. When IT departments take an infrastructure-first approach to deployment, they create silos and degrade the user experience.

When organizations fail to put user needs at the forefront, they encounter resistance. Without the necessary training and communications on new tools, users are slow to adopt and prone to embracing shadow IT.

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of lines of business (LOBs) participate in technology procurement decisions
of all users and 42% of Millennials would quit over substandard technology
of users get 3 or more hours of training on new collaboration tools

It’s Time to Empower Your People

Enabling end-user productivity means aligning technology with the way people work and interact.

The best approach to introducing new tools integrates user consultation, unified architecture and in-depth planning for training and adoption.

The result? A modern digital workplace primed for enhanced productivity, collaboration and mobility.

Improve User Productivity

By taking a user-centric approach to procurement, training and adoption. Enabling end-user productivity means aligning technology with the way people work and interact.

Increase Collaboration

By delivering a secure, unified architecture aligned with day-to-day collaboration needs.

Enable Mobility

By equipping users with the tools to work when, where and how they prefer.

What to Consider at Each Stage of End User Adoption

Analyze Gaps

Do: Recognize opportunities to improve your environment.

Ask: What tools already exist that support your goals?

Ask: What does end-user adoption look like today?   

Get Aligned

Do: Involve end users early in the planning and discovery phase.

Ask: Do you have a clear vision for collaboration and productivity?

Ask: Who will drive change and adoption?


Do: Build a user-centric roadmap, including a unified architecture and adoption plan.

Ask: How will new solutions integrate with your current environment?

Ask: What is your strategy to drive end-user adoption?


Do: Onboard users through training and communication on the change.

Ask: How will you train and communicate with end users?

Ask: Does your team have the skills required to implement and maintain the solution?


Do: Use data-driven insights to measure ongoing success among end users.

Ask: How will you measure and report findings back to the business?

Ask: How will you manage and evaluate usage and licensing on a continuing basis?


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