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Enabling End Users

When end users aren’t part of the technology procurement and planning process, adoption rates fall, and productivity suffers. Are you taking the right approach?

You need to capitalize on the power of collaboration by taking advantage of technologies like Cisco UC and/or Office 365.

But with each advancement comes new challenges – like finding the right resources to properly implement and manage these solutions.

Even more challenging, and perhaps most important of all, is the need to align internal stakeholders with the outcomes you seek, and the success measures that will shape and drive adoption.

The current approach

For many IT departments, success measures often ignore the needs of both the business and end users. Questions about whether or not technology is used as intended, often go unanswered.

What gets in the way

IT teams don’t employ user-centric methodologies, and can’t find time to understand how people really work. They miss an important opportunity to develop the use cases that could help them meet end user expectation.

The better way

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, ensure your users are engaged and consulted in ways that align their needs to technical requirements. Those requirements need to be built around a Unified Architecture and if that solution looks like Office 365 and/or Cisco UC, training and communication will be needed to ensure the right plan is in place.

Enabling End Users Stages of Adoption: Where are you in your journey?



Gap Analysis

  • Do: Understand your opportunity and identify gaps in your current environment.
  • Ask: What tools already exist that may support your goals?
  • Ask: What does end user adoption look like today?

Get Aligned

  • Do: Get end users involved in your planning and discovery phase.
  • Ask: Do you have a vision and collaboration and Mobility strategy?
  • Ask: Who will drive adoption and change?


  • Do: Develop a user-centric roadmap with an Unified Architecture and an Adoption Plan.
  • Ask: What is our end user adoption strategy?
  • Ask: How will the new systems be integrated and configured with our current environment?


  • Do: Onboard users by enabling the technology, communicating on changes and training people.
  • Ask: Does my team have the right skills to implement and maintain the solution?
  • Ask: How will I train and communicate with my end users?


  • Do: Use ongoing insights to measure technology, users and success.
  • Ask: How will we measure and report findings back to the business?
  • Ask: : How will we proactively manage and evaluate ongoing usage and licensing?

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