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Fast/Easy IT Buying

When it comes to managing IT procurement, a lack of communication is often where your plans fall flat. Sales wants one thing, IT recommends another, finance has their eye on the bottom line. How do you get what you need, while getting more bang for your buck?

In order to ensure the IT you buy fits your business requirements, silos need to be broken down and cross-functional groups must work together.

IT purchasing best practices should be followed to make it easier for teams to acquire technology, streamline PO tracking, and keep up with renewals.

You need a personalized, automated approach to IT procurement services.

The current approach

Approaches to managing IT purchasing haven’t kept pace with innovation, licensing agreements and end user expectation.

What gets in the way

Tech silos and cumbersome procedures make IT procurement services unnecessarily complex.

The better way

Smart IT leaders are automating the procurement process to speed up and personalize purchases.

Fast and Easy IT Buying Stages of Adoption: Where are you in your journey?




  • Do: Understand and define your current acquisition tools and workflow.
  • Ask: Have you defined roles and responsibilities?
  • Ask: What systems or technology are you using?

Product Strategy

  • Do: Build an IT procurement blueprint that catalogs your needs.
  • Ask: Have all use cases been defined?
  • Ask: Have we rationalized all options?


  • Do: Implement a streamlined procurement process.
  • Ask: How will automation fit into our strategy?
  • Ask: Who should be able to make IT purchases?


  • Do: Build a continuous governance process.
  • Ask: What are we doing to manage change and innovation?
  • Ask: Do we have the data we need to implement our solution?

IT Procurement

According to Gartner, taking an ad-hoc approach to IT procurement management, increases costs by 42% on average.
Are you aware of your ad-hoc spend? Do you have any way to track your ad-hoc spend?

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