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The Five Stages of Public Cloud Adoption

The benefits of cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are well established. Yet many organizations do not know where to start.

Even with proper planning, once underway, unforeseen challenges can easily derail a cloud strategy. This is often due to a lack of operational expertise. In our latest guide, our experts share our public cloud adoption framework. We provide the insights and best practices to help you plan, migrate and optimize cloud costs and performance.

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The Five Stages of Cloud Adoption
of IT leaders acknowledge a cloud skills gap

Stalled in the Cloud?

When it comes to adopting cloud services, many organizations confront unforeseen challenges. This includes runaway costs, cloud management headaches and lack of internal expertise.

Migrating business data and managing cloud workloads is more complicated than people expect. While IT leaders are forging ahead, our Cloud Readiness study indicates many face a number of key issues.

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struggle to create an effective cloud strategy
exceed their cloud budgets
have experienced failure due to human error

Getting Cloud Strategy on Track

It might seem counter intuitive. Rather than starting with testing and development, successful IT leaders are migrating workloads that are strategic to their business. To do so, most are investing in staff training while nearly half are using third party support to fill the gaps.

Guided by the right partner, practical first-hand experience can make the difference. It will help you’ll understand the operational considerations of cloud computing and set the foundation for future success.

How IT Leaders are Moving Forward in the Cloud

76% have hired additional full-time resources
60% take part in formal training
49% are using managed services providers

Research and Insights

Redefine business agility for your organization. Discover the essentials for developing, implementing and managing a fully realized cloud strategy.

What to Consider at Each Stage of Cloud Adoption

Gap Analysis

Understand the financial position of your current IT strategy and the costs of moving to the cloud.

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Get Moving

Migrate a production workload that unites business units and lays the foundation for future success.

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Assess applications and dependencies to develop a complete plan, including costs, risks, priorities and timing.

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Leverage scripts and blueprints to streamline migrations and equip your team to support your new environment.

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Support staff with the tools, mentorship and real-time insights to optimize costs and improve performance.

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Upskill your Team and Get Moving in the Cloud

The Softchoice Cloud Accelerator is the only service of its kind to include the migration of a production workload along with formal staff training. We also provide the tools, mentorship and ongoing support you need for long-term success. Grow your knowledge. Complete a migration. Stay on budget.

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