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Network Transformation through SD-WAN:

Embrace the power of a future-ready network.

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SD-WAN: An impact beyond Network Infrastructure

Applications no longer just live in the HQ data center. 81% of organizations utilize public cloud as part of their application delivery strategy. This increases network complexity especially when organizations implement Office 365 for voice and video across multiple branch offices. In fact, 37% of line of business executives interviewed feel their legacy network is not ready to support cloud applications, despite most organizations already being reliant on public and private cloud services.

This is where SD-WAN becomes a critical component of the Digital Transformation journey.

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Beyond the Buzzword SD-WAN
are in the early stages of readying their networks

Preparing for Digital Transformation?

Legacy network architectures have become a drag on accelerating digital initiatives. Most are unable to cope with the constant need to support change and protect against new security threats.

A digital-ready SD-WAN network – one that embraces virtualization, automation and intelligent security – is an essential element for success in digital transformation.

According to IDC*, most organizations are just starting their journey.

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have full alignment between network and digital transformation strategies
have automated or self-driving networks
have achieved full network transformation

Welcome to the Future

Modernizing the network allows organizations to meet the evolving needs of the business. That means less time maintaining, faster innovation, better security, and greater operational efficiency.

Organizations that have aligned network modernization to support digital initiatives realize significant benefits in terms of speed, scale and profitability.

45% plan to achieve network readiness within 2 years
2x as many digital capabilities
2x the rate of profit
2x customer retention

Research and Insights

Gain a better understanding of the journey to SD-WAN. Discover the essentials for planning, implementing and optimizing the network of the future.

Is your Network Future Ready?

Understand the readiness of your network to make the shift. Softhoice’s Network Readiness Assessment provides data-driven insights and fact-based decisions to improve performance and plan intelligently for the future. Decrease project risk, minimize cost and speed implementation.

Accelerate Network Transformation

Make your Network Future Ready

Not sure where to begin? Our local network experts are here to help. Enable the future. We'll help you assess your network, identify the right solution and support the introduction of new technologies like SD-WAN.