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Hybrid IT: Increasing Agility

When IT doesn’t keep pace with technological innovation and end user demands, costs go up and business outcomes stall. What are you doing to maximize Hybrid IT agility?

Communication issues, tech silos and extended planning cycles mean many companies pay 60% premiums for Hybrid IT projects.

To be successful with Hybrid IT, you also need to address skill gaps, cost management and compliance issues, governance and security threats. Done right, the rewards in productivity are enormous.

The time to rethink agility is now.

The current approach

IT struggles to meet the demands of the business, employees and business partners.

What gets in the way

Lines of business are demanding that IT do things faster.

The better way

Companies need an effective Hybrid IT strategy to maximize the benefits of Hybrid IT.

Increasing IT Agility through Hybrid IT Stages of Adoption: Where are you in your journey?



Gap Analysis

  • Do: Develop a production workload that unites business units.
  • Ask: Who will be on your cross-functional teams?
  • Ask: Are there best practices you should follow? What are they?

Get Moving

  • Do: Understand the financial position of your current IT strategy.
  • Ask: What are your costs now?
  • Ask: What do we want our costs to be in the future?


  • Do: Perform a network analysis to understand all applications running in your environment.
  • Ask: Are there roadblocks to adoption? What are they?
  • Ask: How much will this strategy cost?


  • Do: Leverage all scripts and blueprints to streamline your migration.
  • Ask: Do we have the right skills on our transition team?
  • Ask: What deployment tools are we going to use?


  • Do: Use real-time insights to optimize your Hybrid IT environment.
  • Ask: How will we measure & report findings?
  • Ask: What are we doing to ensure teams adapt to the change?

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