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Optimizing your IT Investments

As IT environments get more complicated, maintaining your ROI is a challenge. In the scramble to optimize IT investments, the vast majority of organizations find themselves over-paying for underused assets.

In addition to paying for licenses they don’t use, a full 20% of all enterprise organizations currently have unlicensed software in their environment.

This increases the likelihood that they’ll fail periodic and costly software audits, and raises the potential for crucial lapses in security.

As contracts multiply in number, each with their own regulations and renewal rhythms, action is needed.

The current approach

Without proactive control over your assets and licensing agreements, optimizing IT investments is impossible.

What gets in the way

Increasingly numerous and complex licensing agreements are complicating the administration of your environment.

The better way

Smart IT leaders are finding new ways to assess current applications, reallocate existing licenses and optimize IT spend.

Optimize IT Investments Stages of Adoption: Where are you in your journey?



Current State Review

  • Do: Document all of your current contracts and key renewal dates.
  • Ask: When do assets come up for renewal?
  • Ask: Is co-terming or consolidating assets possible?


  • Do: Plan ahead for detailed asset review from your vendors.
  • Ask: What is EOS/EOL? Do we have a vendor roadmap?
  • Ask: Is my budget forecasting accurate?


  • Do: Take full inventory of all your current technology.
  • Ask: What do we have deployed? What are we using?
  • Ask: Is there anything we could standardize or rationalize?


  • Do: Reallocate spend by right-sizing licensing and software compliance.
  • Ask: Does our consumption match utilization? Could a different team use this license?
  • Ask: Are we over-licensed? Under-licensed?


  • Do: Reduce risk and overspending by implementing SAM Managed Services.
  • Ask: How do we increase the efficiency of our asset-management strategy?
  • Ask: Have we reduced risk? Are we compliant and rationalized?

Software Asset Management

Vendor audits are on the rise – along with the penalties they incur. As IT migrates to consumption-based licensing, understanding usage is key.
Do you have the resources to stay compliant?

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