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Ultimate Security Guide

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Top security leaders review this year’s most talked about security topics:

1 Are we seeing the death of perimeter security?
Cybersecurity used to be like any other form of security: it was a matter of building the sturdiest wall you could. That all changed with the cloud. Find out why when you use distributed computing, a perimeter won’t cut it.

2 Five Common Cloud Security Pitfalls
The cloud ushered in a new era of agile computing. It also created a smorgasbord of brand-new security pitfalls that regularly ensnare both small and large enterprises. Find out how to avoid the 5 most common cloud security pitfalls.

3 The Security Reasons for Making the Windows 10 Move Now
It’s common knowledge that Windows 7 goes End of Support as of January 14, 2020. As a result, it’s commonly thought that you don’t need to update yet. But that’s not the whole story. Windows 10 is the more secure operating system—it resisted WannaCry much more successfully than Windows 7. Find out more about why a prompt Windows 10 migration could be a wise move.

...and more topics including the reality of AI security and how to gain visibility in the cloud.

Winter 2018 Ultimate Security Guide