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Converged Infrastructure

A simplified journey to a converged infrastructure
The business is asking more than ever of IT. To stay relevant and heighten responsiveness, IT needs to provide quick time-to-value by delivering new business initiatives and related IT projects faster.

FlexPod Accelerator+

Softchoice designed the FlexPod Accelerator+ for clients who want to move to a converged infrastructure and look to work with a partner with the technical expertise to implement the technology and strategic foresight support the new infrastructure.

What is FlexPod?

FlexPod is a pre-tested and validated solution that combines networking, computing, and storage in a shared infrastructure and supports multiple applications and workloads that helps clients accelerate their transition to a cloud-like infrastructure.

How the Softchoice FlexPod Accelerator+ helps

Architectural Simplicity

The FlexPod Accelerator+ simplifies the architectural decisions based on Softchoice's best practices combining real-world scenarios, current state considerations and validated vendor designs to achieve accelerated returns

A Converged Infrastructure Project Team

Softchoice's implementation team carries a unique hybrid converged skill set in architecture and implementation supported with PMI-certified project management expertise. We leverage a repeatable methodology that mitigates risk and provides a consistent, connected experience for clients

Simplified Operational State

Softchoice Keystone services provides 24X7, operational simplicity by acting as the single point of contact reducing or removing the need to train, acquire and maintain new skills sets

Refocus on Innovation

Rapidly transition from sustaining silos of technology to innovating within the business by repositioning staff to focus on new projects and application-centric activities

Learn more about FlexPod Accelerator+

Converged Infrastructure TechCheck

Painting the Infrastructure Picture

Multiple vendors, legacy technology, and demands for a richer end-user experience make planning the future of your environment a daunting task.

Softchoice's Converged Infrastructure TechCheck is ideal for clients who want to understand the components of their current infrastructure to better plan for the move to a converged infrastructure. The Softchoice Converged Infrastructure TechCheck prepares clients to take the transformational journey from legacy silos of technology to the converged infrastructure by arming clients with a fact-based portrait of the current state environment and helps plot the way forward.

  • Using an agent-less data collection tool to gather an end-to-end view of the existing infrastructure across the technology silos
  • Softchoice technical experts evaluate findings and consolidate the broad data to identify potential barriers
  • Set actionable insights that are validated with a client findings and recommendations session
  • Delivers a comprehensive view of server and storage interactions
Converged Infrastructure Workshop and Analysis Report
  • Review business demands and current issues
  • Review risks and remediation through guided data review and recommendations
  • Provide a structured review of the Converged Infrastructure TechCheck and evaluate options with a Softchoice Converged Infrastructure subject matter expert
  • Discuss next steps related to the journey in achieving a converged infrastructure

What you can do right now?

Your Account Manager will set up an appointment with a Softchoice Solutions Architect to provide a formal proposal and statement of work that outlines all specific assumptions and deliverables. The Solutions Architect will answer any questions you have prior to implementation.

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