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Solutions and Services to solve business challenges.

Solutions and Services to drive the right business outcomes for your organization.
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Enable Hybrid IT

You need to prioritize applications, not platforms.

This means you need to take an application-centric approach to getting your networks and datacenters modernized. It also means adopting the public cloud with a plan that supports your prioritized applications.

How Softchoice Helps:

Adopt Public Cloud
Assessment Services
Architecture and Migration
Cloud Accelerator
Managed Cloud
FAQs and Challenges

Unleash Agility through Hybrid IT
Data Center Transformation Solutions
Network Readiness Solutions

Enable My End Users

You need to begin with user + business needs, not technical requirements.

To begin, you must define use-cases, and inventory all of your existing collaboration and productivity tools. Only then can you create an implementation plan to drive your desired business outcomes.

How Softchoice Helps:

Cisco Collaboration Solutions
Microsoft Collaboration Solutions
Assessment Services for Enabling End Users
Professional Services for Enabling End Users
Managed Services for Enabling End Users

Enable Software Compliance and Optimization

You need to be focused on IT Asset Management in a hybrid cloud world.

You need to connect the dots between usage, software and cloud contracts, and deployed assets, to deliver clarity on software compliance and ROI.

How Softchoice Helps:

Enterprise Lifecycle Solutions
Cisco Enterprise Agreement
VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreement

Enable World-Class IT Procurement

You need the right technology where and when you need it.

Through, combined with our Inside Sales Account Managers, customers buy technology products quickly, cost-effectively, and in a trouble-free, transparent way.

How Softchoice Helps:

Self-serve E-commerce Solutions
Procurement System Integration solutions
Assessment Services for Enabling World-Class IT Procurement

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