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People and expertise to unleash the potential of the cloud.

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Cloud Services for your Business and People

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud offer powerful ways to meet the demand for speed, flexibility and scale. Yet realizing these benefits can be challenging and mistakes costly. We can get you there with cloud services that help your business and people make the shift. Whether creating a cloud migration strategy, moving workloads or managing your environment, we’ll enable the cloud to accelerate your growth.

Enabling Cloud for your Business and People

Our Cloud Services

Access the experts and cloud computing services you need. We can help – whether you are just starting your journey or looking to take cloud performance to the next level.


Gap Analysis

Understand your current state and the true costs of migrating and operating workloads in the cloud. Softchoice’s expert delivered Workload Assessment Services provide a cost benefit analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Get Moving

Build momentum and internal knowledge. Our Cloud Accelerator services include the strategic migration of a workload to the cloud. We also provide the staff training, cost-management tools and ongoing support to ensure success.


Understand the cloud readiness of your business applications, including resource and licensing dependencies. Estimate costs, risks and determine priorities to create a comprehensive cloud migration strategy.


Benefit from certified cloud experts to design the right solution and migrate even the most complex workloads. Softchoice’s Cloud Migration Services drive efficiency and equip teams to support your cloud environment.


Increase the impact of cloud on your business. Our Cloud Managed Services help you optimize costs and performance. You will also resolve issues faster and empower your people with 24X7 support and unlimited mentorship.

Why Softchoice

Softchoice is a global leader in Azure deployment, an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS, and a Google Cloud Partner. Our combined strength in these areas has made Softchoice the trusted partner for cloud services.

Data Driven Insights

Benefit from in-depth assessments and guidance from certified experts to develop a cloud migration strategy. We move you forward in a secure, cost-effective way.

Licensing & SAM

Avoid compliance issues, right-size spending and increase the impact of cloud technology with the right licensing program.

Cloud Managed Services

Migrate faster, empower your people and reap the benefits of cloud with monitoring and end-to-end operational support.

Technology Mentorship

Deepen internal competencies and receive expert guidance to secure, operate and govern your cloud resources.

Help Where you Need it

Developing a cloud adoption strategy, migrating business applications and operating efficiently is a big undertaking. We can help. Our cloud experts will work with you to understand your drivers and your infrastructure. We’ll provide the insights and experience to ensure the cloud delivers for your business.

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Explore Partner Solutions

We deliver the knowledge, insights and support you need across the world’s leading cloud providers.


Microsoft Azure

Softchoice is the number #1 Azure partner in North America with a deep expertise in licensing, migrations and managed services to make the most out of Azure.
Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Enhance collaboration, optimize licensing and deliver adoption strategies to increase security, productivity and employee morale.

Amazon Web Services

Softchoice is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, and one of the first AWS Managed Services Partners in the world. We deliver end-to-end services to optimize your AWS cloud.
Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Softchoice and Google Cloud help businesses modernize by providing application-led approach with an open and flexible multicloud architecture for managing applications across every environment.

Success Stories

"By using the cloud as a disaster recovery site, we get complete protection of all our data in the event of a regional disaster. It certainly helps me sleep better at night."
John Cuocci,
IT Manager for MG2
"The move to incorporate AWS into our primary offsite backup was easy, straightforward and took very little effort to make happen."
Casey York, IT Manager,
Wier and Associates
"AWS’s agility and ease of use is remarkable and the migration was completely seamless to all of our customers, which was really only possible with Softchoice."
Todd Myers, CTO,
eFiscal Networks

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