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Cloud Governance: Best Practices
Forrester Report

Governance is Mandatory for Successful Migration and Security in the Cloud

Multicloud is an attractive option for organizations looking to build innovative business capabilities or reduce on-premise infrastructure.


Along with the benefits, however, a multicloud approach also introduces a more complex vendor and technology landscape. Without pervasive formal cloud governance in place, the challenges start to outweigh the advantages.

This Forrester report, “Best Practices: Cloud Governance,” explains the critical importance of cloud governance in delivering a predictable, scalable and secure transition to multicloud.

It covers:

  • Why a formal cloud governance program is a necessity for success in the cloud
  • How to identify and involve key stakeholders in your cloud governance program
  • How to lay the foundations for scalability and security in a multicloud environment

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Governance Best Practices for Cloud Migration & Security – Forrester Report