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Cloud is no longer a tactic, but rather a strategic enabler. Businesses functioning at cloud speed and fluidity will dominate their markets, outcompeting traditional businesses.


To benefit from the cloud, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must orchestrate cloud ecosystems that link employees, customers, partners, vendors and devices to serve rising customer expectations and support adaptation to fast-changing markets.

This Forrester report, "Cloud Powers The Modern Adaptive Enterprise," highlights the transformations shaping the world of connected cloud ecosystems and describes how this evolution should change everyone’s thinking about cloud. Download the report and learn:

  • The benefits of consolidating and standardizing cloud apps, ecosystems and platforms
  • How to use cloud platforms to accelerate technology adaptiveness
  • How to deliver and govern your cloud ecosystem
  • Where and how to get started with cloud and where to go next

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Cloud powers the modern adaptive enterprise - Forrester Report - Page 01