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Google Anthos: Simplifying Management of Legacy Applications

Containerization and movement of workloads to circumvent challenges of legacy apps management

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to entail ditching legacy applications altogether or navigating a tedious, highly manual migration process simply to make them work there.

Traditional IT infrastructure will continue to have a big presence in day-to-day operations, presenting key challenges in the ongoing management of legacy apps. By modernizing and migrating legacy applications, enterprises can achieve faster time-to-market for new products and services and increase their operational agility.

This e-book covers the following:

  • The major hurdles in the ongoing management of legacy apps: How Anthos is the Real Solution
  • How Containerization Works in Anthos
  • Anthos in the Context of GCP: The Economic Upside

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Simplify Legacy Application with Google Anthos – eBook