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Cloud Managed Services

Address skill gaps and optimize your cloud strategy with full support at every step.

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Better Cloud Management

The cloud is now a business necessity. Yet a poorly managed environment can easily lead to cloud cost overruns and unnecessary risks. This leads to missed opportunities to increase business impact.

For most organizations, the cloud represents a steep learning curve. Softchoice Cloud Managed Services expand your ability to reap the benefits of the cloud. Benefit from 24X7 monitoring, expert support and unlimited mentorship. We’ll help you manage cloud costs, resolve issues faster and set a secure, stable foundation for long-term success.

A Better Way to Manage Cloud

Addressing Your Cloud Management Challenges

Optimizing cloud costs and performance requires new skillsets and expertise. Softchoice Cloud Managed Services provide the operational support you need to transform the way you deliver IT services to the business.


Cloud Skills Gap

The market for cloud professionals is competitive and resources are expensive. 46% of IT leaders see the cloud skills gap increasing.

Operational Readiness

Many organizations lack the expertise to drive efficiency and security, let alone keep up with the pace of innovation. In 2017 alone, AWS introduced more than 1400 new features!

Cost Management

The cloud represents a new consumption model, and mistakes are costly. 57% of organizations report exceeding their cloud budgets.

Support and Mentorship

Avoid disruption and resolve issues faster with 24X7 live, onshore support. Get unlimited guidance on configuring, monitoring and securing cloud workloads.
Dedicated cloud mentorship sessions help you apply operational best practices and grow your cloud expertise.

Maximize Performance

Increase efficiency by standardizing workload deployments through automation. Minimize risk by ensuring proper identity, access and policy management.
Proactive monitoring helps you avoid disruption. Plus, we save you money by continuously improving the performance of your cloud environment.

Optimize Costs

Monitor consumption in real-time with the Softchoice Cloud Insights Dashboard – a powerful cloud management tool. Increase visibility and accountability by allocating costs based on project, department or service.
Drive ongoing cost optimization through monthly trend reporting and expert-led reviews.

What You’ll Gain

What You’ll Gain

Increase Business Impact

Realize the benefits of cloud services faster and drive innovation while supporting your people.

Optimize your Spend

Avoid surprises, minimize time spent reconciling budgets and improve cost-efficiencies over time.

Reduce Risk

Get the oversight to ensure a secure, stable foundation for your environment based on industry standards and best practices.

Drive Efficiency

Leverage blueprinting and automation to speed the delivery of cloud services while taking work out.

From our Customers

Increase the Business Impact of Cloud

Microsoft and AWS constantly introduce new features and services. It’s a lot to keep up with. But taking advantage of these innovations can have a big impact on the value of the cloud for your business. Make the most of your cloud investments. Learn how Softchoice Cloud Managed Services keeps you ahead of the curve.

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A Global Leader in Cloud Managed Services

Top Ranked Managed Cloud Services Provider

Top Ranked Cloud Managed Services Provider

Channel Futures ranks Softchoice in the top five managed services providers in the world.
Certified Cloud Support Engineers

Certified Cloud Support Engineers

More than 200 certified pre-sales, licensing, and system engineers dedicated to Azure and AWS.
Client Satisfaction


Over 600 organizations supported globally with an average client satisfaction rating of 4.7/5.

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