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Understanding Cloud Security Responsibilities and Best Practices

Discover the path to stronger cloud security

“The 2019 breach of CapitalOne, which affected 106 million individuals across the U.S. and Canada1, stemmed from unauthorized access to the bank’s cloud-stored records through a misconfigured Web Application Firewall. These types of incidents can be expensive to remediate and recover from, with total costs often in the millions of dollars.”2

When it comes to the cloud, security cannot be an afterthought. Without a clear understanding of who’s responsible for what, any security strategy remains vulnerable to today’s sophisticated exploits.

An effective cloud security relies on clear understanding of cloud security best practices and accountabilities

Our guide “Understanding Cloud Security Responsibilities and Best Practices” explores:

  • Cloud security within IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models
  • The biggest (and most overlooked) risks associated with each model
  • How to ensure your cloud environment stays secure

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Understanding Cloud Security Responsibilities and Best Practices - eBook