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VMware Cloud on AWS: A True Hybrid IT & Multi Cloud Solution

As attractive as a ‘cloud-first’ or multi-cloud philosophy may be, realizing the full benefits of an optimized, hybrid or multi cloud strategy takes expert-level knowledge in several disciplines: networking, security and data governance, application dependencies, operational management, availability and recoverability.

Without a deep understanding of proper workload and application placement and the ability to develop a common operating model, the benefits of multi-cloud, such as reliability and flexible licensing management, go unrealized.

That’s why we created a solution to guide you at any point in your move to VMware Cloud on AWS. From gaining a comprehensive view of your applications to migrating your workloads leveraging best practices and implementing reference architectures. Learn more below!

VMware Cloud on AWS: A True Hybrid IT & Multi Cloud Solution

Addressing the Hybrid IT and Multi Cloud Challenge

The Softchoice VMware Cloud on AWS solution means you can leverage VMware on AWS for your cloud migration, disaster recovery or next generation applications.


Workload Placement & Cost Optimization

Deciding where to place a workload is complex. It requires insights into the characteristics of the applications, including dependencies on other programs, performance, infrastructure, and regulatory compliance.

Optimizing Licensing Entitlements

Without clear insight into licensing entitlements, you may not be taking full advantage of your investments. Understanding the proper ELA in terms of cloud consumption models, credits, and operational costs can be difficult.

Moving your First Workload

Deployment of VMware Cloud on AWS is rapid to execute. However, the planning that needs to be completed ahead of time is not. Understanding networking, security and data governance, application dependencies, operational management, availability and recoverability are critical to your success in the cloud.

Softchoice Hybrid IT TechCheck

We evaluate proper workload placement: resource utilization & performance, operating suitability, and workload dependency groupings. Then we provide you with recommendations for public cloud candidates & SDDC cloud, sizing requirements for public cloud & SDDC, and financial cost estimates.

Softchoice Licensing and Software Asset Managements

We provide ongoing, proactive technology reviews with expert-led assessments. Providing you with continual optimization and Enterprise Lifecycle Management, right-sizing your workload base on your licensing model.

Softchoice Hybrid IT Accelerator

We provide a technical assessment with a target workload migration. We leverage best practice methodology and reference architecture gained from hundreds of client engagements. We’ll provide a plan based on your existing infrastructure and provide financial guidance to enable effective application migration strategy, accelerating your journey to Hybrid IT.

What You’ll Gain

What You’ll Gain

Grow your Cloud Knowledge

Rapidly grow your internal knowledge on creating, implementing, and governing a true Hybrid IT or Multi Cloud environment.

Visibility into your existing environment

Understand what is currently running in your environment: assets, contracts, application profiles, and dependencies.

Roadmap for success

With expert advice, evaluate your options and create a roadmap for your Hybrid or multi cloud strategy based on programmatic and systematic approaches to cloud adoption.

Experience and Expertise

VMware Master Services Competency

VMware Master Services Competency

We have our Master Services Competency in both data center and network virtualization
Leading North American Migration Partner

Leading North American Migration Partner

We are an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS
Proven Experience


We have 400+ VMware certified Sales Professionals and manage 3000+ EA’s across North America

Help Where you Need it

Start your Hybrid IT and multi cloud strategy with the Softchoice VMware on AWS solution. Understand your existing environment, evaluate the options and create the roadmap to your ideal Hybrid IT strategy. Grow your knowledge. Understand your environment. Build your Hybrid IT strategy.

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