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Softchoice Solutions: Assessment Services for Fast / Easy IT Buying

When it comes to managing IT procurement, work silos cause real headaches. Finance, procurement and IT all need to be on the same page to make sure the right tools are purchased - at price-points that make sense.

Smart organizations know they need to break silos down to ensure the IT they buy fits the task and teams at hand. A streamlined, automated process is the key. No matter where you are in your procurement journey, a customized Softchoice Personalized Procurement Management covers all the bases.

To optimize IT procurement services, IT managers need to speed up purchasing.
They need to:
  • Build a technology roadmap that gives a holistic view of their IT needs
  • Set technology standards that leave no question unanswered when it comes to what, or what not to buy.
  • Automate workflows and reporting to streamline purchasing and stay ahead of renewals.

The business challenges Assessment Services for Fast / Easy IT Buying solve:

  • Tech silos make it difficult to decide what IT solutions are needed, slowing down the procurement process.
  • Deadlines pass, renewals lapse and contracts expire due to late PO approvals.
  • Shadow IT takes hold as employees bypass procurement channels to buy their own hardware and software.

The business benefits Assessment Services for Fast / Easy IT Buying delivers:

  • Automated procurement processes give you control over procurement.
  • Simplified infrastructure management & purchasing tools to streamline deployment, and ensure what you buy satisfies end-user need.
  • Quick and efficient supply chain management to bridge gaps in a siloed enterprise environment.

Which Assessment Service for Fast/Easy IT Buying is right for you?

Our Approach What it does What you’ll gain
Assessments Baseline assessment: Understand what you need, how you currently buy, and how you should be buying.
Build an end user technology roadmap. We ask: What will work for you? What will make your end users most productive? What do you need?
Dedicated, proactive account management: Regular proactive reviews, with specified reporting.
A solid understanding of gaps in your current process, and an approach to help bridge them.
Technology standards to smooth procurement, enable end user productivity, streamline technical management, mitigate risks and avoid the need to remake decisions.
The ability to stay ahead of renewals – so you never miss one again.
Professional Services Pre-deployment planning.
Pre-delivery services: imaging, IT asset tagging, etc.
On-site technical resources (deployment / break/fix).
Disposal of expired equipment.
Time back in your day to focus on business challenges – not menial tasks like unboxing laptops. Equipment is pre-customized on arrival – out of the box. No more late or failed infrastructure projects.
Personalized digital marketplace Your own custom online marketplace – categorized by use case, or personal need. Control over the purchasing process. A one-stop-shop for the hardware and software you need.

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