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Assessment Services for Enabling Hybrid IT

You’ve made the decision to transition to a Hybrid IT environment. Now you need clear visibility into your datacenter and cloud operations, and an assessment of network performance to roadmap your migration plan.

Any successful migration means knowing your starting point, and finding data-driven insights into your existing IT environment. That’s why Softchoice takes a consultative approach, using those insights to inform your shift to Hybrid IT. No matter where you are in your journey, our assessments will give you the visibility you need, into applications and the performance of your current infrastructure, to create a prudent and effective strategy.

In some industries, adopting the cloud leads to an average, 40% reduction in the total cost of ownership.

A Softchoice solution gets you there - fast. Here’s how:
  • Softchoice takes a holistic and comprehensive view of server, storage and network performance.
  • We uncover the readiness of specific workloads, applications and databases for migration to the Cloud.
  • We advise on which applications to migrate first, and which to keep on premise.

Hybrid IT Assessment Services: Key challenges

  • Technology silos create a lack of visibility into applications and the performance of your current infrastructure. This makes it difficult to develop an effective plan and foresee potential obstacles.
  • The need to understand the readiness of specific workloads, applications and databases for Cloud. This is essential for creating a proper strategy and achieving the quick wins necessary to build momentum.
  • Without a clear roadmap that includes costs and timing as part of a larger strategy, Hybrid IT initiatives bog down with no material gains for IT or the business.

Assessment Services: Delivering insights to move your Hybrid IT strategy forward

  • The data you need to fully understand your application interdependencies.
  • The clarity and vision to choose a migration path to Hybrid IT.
  • A thorough, real-time analysis of your readiness for Hybrid IT.

How our Assessment Services for Enabling Hybrid IT work for you:

Our Offering What we do What you’ll gain
Data Collection & Discovery Take a holistic inventory of all assets, contracts, application profiles and dependencies The ability to validate technology assets and accurately identify their usage.
Infrastructure & Application Analysis In-depth analysis of consumption and utilization patterns
Sizing of server, storage and network resourcing
Identify interdependencies between applications
An understanding of the current capacity of your data center and network, including any gaps.
Business Review & Summary Report Review your business requirements, recommendations and risks A better understanding of your current applications, and the data you need to confidently create a roadmap for the future, estimate costs and evaluate vendor solutions.

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