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Underused applications. Unmaintained licenses. Couple those with the rising frequency of vendor software audits, and your company is looking at costly ownership and compliance issues.

With the added complexity and risks associated with cloud, optimizing IT spend and staying ahead of audits is more important than ever. Unfortunately, as contracts multiply in number, and software companies transition to subscription-only service, busy IT teams struggle to find time to manage it all. Softchoice has a solution.

IT managers need a better way to optimize IT spend and stay ahead of vendor audits.
Softchoice Asset Management offers:
  • Dedicated Technical Resourcing to visualize and determine appropriate business needs
  • Dedicated Licensing Specialists that deliver cost effective, risk adverse procurement solutions
  • Industry leading tools that provide visibility and insight into Cloud, SaaS and on-premise asset usage

The business challenges solved by Softchoice Asset Management:

  • Busy IT managers struggle to manage multiple licensing contracts in complex IT environments.
  • Licensing costs begin to skyrocket due to failed vendor audits.
  • On-site teams lack the experience and knowledge needed to optimize IT spend in an increasingly complex environment.

The business benefits delivered by Softchoice Asset Management:

  • Data-driven insights: A thorough assessment of your current environment with recommendations specific to your desired outcomes.
  • Licensing Selection & Software Asset Management: Lifecycle management to help you reduce software costs and navigate the complexities of licensing and asset management.
  • Mentorship and Managed Services: Expert guidance to help you develop in-house skills, and assistance managing day-to-day operations.

Advancing your strategy with Softchoice Asset Management

Our Offering What we do What you’ll gain
Visibility Take a holistic inventory of all client hardware, software and SaaS-assets, and offer on-demand insights through our portal The ability to validate technology assets, and a solid baseline for future plans.
Analysis & Reporting In-depth analysis of application consumption and utilization patterns
Real-time reporting on hardware and software assets & recurring reporting on all software additions, moves and changes
An understanding of capacity, usage patterns and cost saving opportunities.
The ability to right-size licensing and hardware in your cloud environment.
Knowledge Transfer Quarterly reviews with Licensing Specialist, with additional reviews during vendor audits
Offer the services of a dedicated Software Asset Management consultant
The ability to optimize your technology investments, guided by Expert mentorship and support.

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