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Softchoice Solutions: Managed Services

Business innovation is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Softchoice Managed Services has the solutions you need to keep your organization agile and competitive.

IT teams struggle to manage day-to-day activities, let alone find time for strategic initiatives. When you don’t have the resources on-site, critical projects like building automation into your infrastructure, enabling end users, or measuring network performance, fall by the wayside. Softchoice Managed Services changes all that. With our expertise in place, you get the skills boost you need to solve problems, implement innovative projects, and stay competitive.

More than 40% of the time it takes to resolve an issue is spent writing reports, rather than actually solving it.

$42,000: The average cost of one hour of network downtime - planned or unplanned.

Softchoice Managed Services for Hybrid IT

When your IT team is time-crunched with day-to-day activities, finding the resources to execute strategic initiatives is a challenge. Not anymore.

Softchoice Managed Services for Enabling End Users

When technology doesn’t meet end user expectations, morale drops and personal devices fill in the gaps. Security, ROI and productivity are at risk. Softchoice Managed Services has the solution.

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