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Softchoice Solutions: Managed Services for enabling Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT provides enormous benefits in terms of the agility it gives you to pursue business goals. Unfortunately, along with enhanced functionality come numerous operational complexities. To make the most of Hybrid IT, you need the resources both to implement new technologies, and manage and optimize them over time.

Hybrid IT technologies are transforming all aspects of the data center. They also come with a steep learning curve. When your IT team is time-crunched with day-to-day activities, finding the operational expertise to optimize these investments becomes a major challenge. No matter where you are on your journey, Softchoice Managed Services provides the oversight and mentorship you need to harness the power of innovation, and evolve the way you deliver IT services to the business.

$1 spent on innovation = $7 in execution: when you lack the expertise to manage Hybrid IT, the costs add up.

Softchoice Managed Services helps by:
  • Breaking down silos to facilitate multi-disciplined teams that work across technology disciplines.
  • Leveraging automation to give you the speed and agility needed to operate in a Hybrid IT environment.
  • Giving you real-time insight into resource usage to help you optimize spend and reduce software costs.

The business challenges solved by Managed Services for Enabling Hybrid IT:

  • IT teams lack the time and resources to optimize Hybrid IT deployments.
  • A silo-mentality complicates technology adoption, ongoing management and system optimization.
  • A lack of automation slows processes, making it difficult to operate in an agile Hybrid IT environment.

The business benefits delivered by Managed Services for Enabling Hybrid IT:

  • Proactive management of day-to-day technology, leaving your teams free to focus on business goals.
  • Monthly performance reporting & insights to boost optimization of your IT investments.
  • Unlimited mentorship and best practices guidance for managing IT operations and hybrid environments.

Which Managed Service for Enabling Hybrid IT is right for you?

Our Offering What it does What you’ll gain
Keystone Advanced
Remote monitoring and management
Proactive management of day-to-day technology
Ongoing cost optimization and operational governance
Monthly performance reporting & insights
Actionable insights to regain control over your Hybrid IT environment, and establish a predictable cost model. An accelerated pace of innovation, improved quality of service to end users, and an enhanced ability to optimize your technology investments.
Keystone Essential
Technology support
Break/fix support
Technology mentorship & best practices guidance
Third-party contract management & escalation
Faster solutions for technology issues thanks to one-to-one service and live answer support. Expanded team confidence through expert mentoring. Spend your day focusing on strategic initiatives, not trouble-shooting.

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