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Managed Services for Office 365

Take full advantage of your Office 365 investment.

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Maximum Productivity Impact

Organizations worldwide adopt Office 365 to enhance productivity and collaboration. But research shows over 60% of them fail to realize the full benefit of their O365 deployments. Without the right tools and support in place, it’s easy to leave productivity value on the table.

Softchoice Managed Services for Office 365 help you unleash the power of your Office 365 stack with dedicated mentorship, continuous support and an all-new dynamic dashboard.

Maximum Productivity Impact

Accelerating Value Creation with Office 365

Softchoice Managed Services for Office 365 provide the range of insights, tools and support you need to optimize the way you integrate, use and manage your O365 stack.


End-User Adoption & Support

Many IT departments lack the time or resources to provide a quality end-user experience for the Office 365 suite. In fact, 80% of Office 365 functionality goes unused by the average enterprise customer.
* Softchoice Managed Services for Enabling End Users Slick

License & User Management

Lacking visibility into licensing and usage often leads organizations to overspend on cloud solutions. A recent Softchoice study confirmed 57% of organizations report exceeding their cloud budgets.
* Softchoice State of Cloud Readiness Report 2018

Data Security

While the Office 365 suite makes sharing data easier, much of that data may be sensitive. Today, organizations leave 2.3 billion plus files exposed online.
* Digital Shadows: Too Much Information: 2.3 Billion Files Expose Across Online File Storage Technologies

Support & Mentorship

Better integrate Office 365 and overcome skills gaps with workload-specific adoption campaigns and dedicated mentorship sessions. Prevent disruption and reduce the burden on your internal IT with integrated 24-7 service desk support.

All-New Analytics Dashboard

Pinpoint duplicate technologies and avoid over-spending with robust analytics and insights into deployment and usage trends. Safeguard your Office 365 environment with auditing and alerting for real-time security events.

Enhanced O365 Security

Optimize configuration and audit reporting with expert-led security mentorship. Monitor appropriate email access and detect suspicious end-user activity by unlocking powerful new Office 365 security features.

What You’ll Gain

What You’ll Gain

Reduce your Spend

Wipe out unnecessary costs driven by poor visibility into usage and license entitlements.

Enhance Quality of Service

Offload 24-7 support to a Softchoice Managed Services team integrated with your service desk.

Secure your Data 

Ensure data protection through real-time monitoring and enhanced security configurations.

Accelerate User Adoption

Overcome resistance to change with custom adoption campaigns targeting specific workloads.

A Global Leader in Cloud Managed Services

Top Ranked Cloud Managed Services Provider

Top Ranked Cloud Managed Services Provider

Channel Futures ranks Softchoice in the top five managed services providers in the world.
Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

Softchoice is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner, Gold Collaboration and Content Partner and #1 winner of the Microsoft IMPACT Award for Enterprise Cloud Productivity Innovation.
Proven Office 365 Experience

Proven Office 365 Experience

Over 30 years helping organizations with technology adoption and deployment, including 1,000+ Office 365 deployments.

Start Getting More from Office 365

Adopting the Office 365 Suite has huge potential to boost productivity for end users. Getting full value from your Office 365 stack starts with understanding how you’re using it. Learn how Softchoice Managed Services for Office 365 sets you up to get more from your investment.

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